Shabbat Alone, Together

Friday night with OneTable is all about feeling good, and we’re here to help you keep that magic of Shabbat, while protecting the health and safety of one another. We know that this is difficult and isolating — but we hope that anticipating Shabbat provides you with a moment to exhale.

OneTable Shabbat in the Time of COVID-19

Jewish tradition teaches that saving one life is tantamount to saving the entire world, and we take this teaching seriously. As such, we may be slower to fully “reopen” than some other organizations. After 3 months of social distancing, OneTable will now support the following options: 

  1. Solo Shabbat: Post your dinner to be in community with other solo Shabbat hosts and qualify for Nourishment for one.
  2. Shelter-in-Place Shabbat (with roommates)
  3. Virtual Shabbats (including OneTable Live)
  4. In-person dinners outdoors, in accordance with Social Distancing Requirements. Here are some of our favorite items you can get with Nourishment for an epic Shabbat dinner picnic.

Find out what we’re hosting on OneTable Live each week HERE, and scroll through all the incredible virtual dinners our community has created HERE.

Reads & Resources

Bird's eye view photo of Challah on wooden cutting board, resting on wooden table

OneTable Live Event Calendar

We’re hosting different live events each week, from Shabbat cooking classes, to Yoga Shabbats, virtual ritual, and more.

Bird's eye view photo of a white marble countertop with white plate and white napkin held together by a braided, wooden napkin holder

Shabbat Alone, Together: A Guide

Friday night is an invitation to elevate time and encounter joy. This guide can help you do that while alone, together. 

Photo of Zoom call on laptop with wine cork, glass of red wine, and a lit, white candle to the left of the computer

Creating #FridayNightMagic with Virtual Shabbat

Social distance doesn’t mean Shabbat is canceled — here’s how to keep it energizing and meaningful.

Bird's eye view photo of fork and knife on white napkin, tied together by brown string with a stem of greenery as decoration, all laying on wooden table

From Home Office to Shabbat Sanctuary

How do you create #fridaynightmagic at home if you’re working… from home?

Screenshot of Spotify playlist titled "Shabbat Alone, Together. #ShabbatShAlone" by onetableshabbat

The Playlist

Whether you’re prepping for Shabbat with your roomies or eating together on Zoom, make sure the jams help set the mood.

Shabbat Sounds

Our Friday night songs and blessings recorded just for you. Now’s a great time to practice those Shabbat karaoke skills.

Bird's eye view photo of two pairs of hands, both holding cups of coffee, sitting across the table from each other

Closeness in the Time of Social Distance

36 questions for your partner, your roommate, or yourself this Shabbat.

Light box with black letters reading "Love One Another"

Kavod > COVID: Transcending Distance with Human-ness

KAVOD (“respect” or “honor” in Hebrew) > COVID19. The math is simple.

Photo of tall, pink flowers growing from the ground with blue sky in the background

Some FriYay for You

We’ll be pulling together good, light, interesting content for you to read, watch, listen to before Shabbat and that will fuel your Friday night convos.

Blue sky with white block letters reading "bye bye" in a wavy line to resemble clouds

The Great Esc: Ending Your Virtual Dinner

In a time when we don’t have the physical cues of ending (finishing dessert or cleaning up) — how do we end our Friday night experience intentionally?

Red brick wall with pink, LED light sign reading "Friday" in pink, capital block letters.

OneTable Zoom Backgrounds #TableGoals

Though we can’t be spending Friday night lighting candles beachside or drinking in a rooftop soirée, that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine we are.

A Mindful Shabbat

Our mindfulness guide that can be used solo or in a group.


I’m canceling my event, how do I send my nourishment back?

Totally understand. We’re not asking for nourishment back due to cancellations right now. However, if you’d like to pay it forward, you can donate it back to us.

I’m trying to decide if I should cancel my event.

While there’s a ton of new information coming out every hour, we are currently following health officials’ guidelines to begin social distancing. Postpone your dinner, or convert it into a digital format (ie: candles light via FaceTime, conference call sing-a-long, remote cooking shows from your own kitchens).

How long will you be not allowing open dinners/following the current guidelines?

As there is a lot of news coming out each day, we don’t know yet how long we’ll be recommending social distancing. We are following the guidelines of local health authorities and will be in touch regularly with any changes or new resources for connecting virtually.

I still want to get my crew together, we’re essentially cohabitating. Is that cool?

We, of all people, understand the desire to gather. We are directly in contact with health officials, who strongly recommend in-person gatherings only when absolutely necessary. Our Board of Directors has mandated us to follow the strictest, safest guidelines which means gatherings only with the people you directly live with. If you’d like to connect with others, we recommend using video tech like Zoom, Google Hangouts, group chat FaceTime, or Facebook Live to go virtual, or to invite your friends to host their own smaller dinners in their own homes through OneTable. We’re planning a lot of cool virtual workshops, cook-alongs, and concerts for you and your crew to join too — head to to stay updated and share your ideas!

More questions?

Check out our full FAQ here, and/or get in touch with your Field Manager.