Shabbat with Kids.

Celebrating Shabbat as a family is an opportunity to share the joy of the weekend with your kids, and experience the magic of Shabbat anew through their eyes. Take a moment to slow down and be together, and revel in the sights, sounds, and tastes that make Friday night so special.

Shabbat, much like yoga or meditation for some, is an act of rebellion against a constantly moving world. We bring ritual to the table not because we have to, but because disconnecting in order to intentionally connect, separate from the work week, and build community is holy – and really good for you.


PJ Library

PJ Library sends free Jewish children’s books to families across the world every month. PJ Library shares Jewish stories that can help your family talk together about values and traditions (like Shabbat!) that are important to you.

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JewBelong Shabbat Skits

A group of time travelers goes way, way, way, waaaay back… to the first Shabbat ever, and a family that, face it, most of us can relate to, learns a little about why it’s actually kind of awesome to celebrate Shabbat…

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BimBam Shabbat 101 Video

Shabbat (the Jewish Shabbath) is a weekly 25-hour observance that begins just before sundown each Friday and ends at nightfall on Saturday. Shabbat is a dedicated time each week to stop working and focus more on the pleasures of life. Watch this video to learn more about why and how Jews observe Shabbat.

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My Jewish Learning for Families

Preparing for and celebrating Shabbat can be a daunting proposition, and if you have children, the prospect of celebrating Shabbat (meant to be joyous and relaxing) for even one hour, let alone 25, can seem preposterous. But this day-long marathon can be packed with marvelous family traditions and special opportunities for fun. Try some of these tips to make Shabbat a truly special day for your family.

18 Doors: Shabbat with Kids Cheat Sheet


If you’re new to Judaism or looking to learn how to share more Jewish practices with your family, Shabbat is a great place to start. Shabbat offers time for much needed perspective after a busy week, a spiritual day that feels different than every other day. There are infinite ways to celebrate this weekly holiday and just as many reasons to create this safe, easy space in the life of your family.