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OneTable Coach Report

One-on-one coaching is for actual meetings and meaningful interactions with hosts. This includes additional vetting calls. Compensated at $60/hour.

Coaching administration is for the time spent emailing hosts to set up a meeting and any associated back and forth. Compensated at $20/hour.
Coaching Activity

(What did you talk about? Did you set any goals together? How do you feel you can help this host? What are your next steps as their coach?)

(How many people did you email?, What did you e-mail about? If you are working on a special project with your Hub Manager, please describe it.)

What traditional rituals did they incorporate? Alternative rituals? Foods? What other Jewish elements did they incorporate?

Ideas to offer if they seem blank: Ritual ideas, meal planning, how to prepare more efficiently, conversation topics

Met new people, develop a Shabbat dinner community, enjoy themselves, hone their hosting skills, pursue new opportunities for Jewish growth, pause and relax at the end of the week, add some spiritual element to my week, etc.