Your First Dinner

You’ve been approved, now what?

We’re Here to Help

Below we’ll walk you through the process of posting and hosting your first OneTable Shabbat dinner.

Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to your Hub Manager or Shabbat Coach for more hands-on guidance!


Check out the full FAQ.

Or just email your Hub Manager!

Posting Your Dinners Online

Once you are logged in, go to the top right of the page, scroll over your picture and click: Create Dinner*

In five minutes or less, fill out all of the information for your dinner. Below are helpful tips for each following section.

Choose what type of dinner you are hosting:

  • Open: Anyone can attend
  • Manual approval: As a host, you approve each guest
  • Invite Only: As a host, you invite your guests via email or Facebook


  • Choose “free” if your dinner is free.
  • If you plan to charge, select “paid” and enter the cost at a price level that makes sense for you and your guests.

About the Dinner

Description: Add a few sentences about your dinner. What will be happening? What can guests expect? What is your intention?

Alcohol Policy: Select one of the options based on your preference.

Dietary Restrictions: If applicable, select one option.

What’s for Dinner? This is the fun part! Add the dishes you plan to serve! (Need food inspo? We’ve got you.)


Click “Publish” to post your dinner**

Click “Save as Draft” to save and finish later**

Your local Hub Manager will be in touch with you the Monday before your dinner to confirm your nourishment choice. You will then receive nourishment in the form of an online gift card. Questions about nourishment? We’ve got answers.

*We love that so many hosts across the country are sharing the Shabbat dinner love with support from OneTable. Because we want to make sure everyone gets nourished, you must post your dinner on the OneTable platform no later than Tuesday at 11:59 pm in order to be nourished for that Friday night.

The Dinner

in with your guests a day or two before your dinner and make sure they know when and where to arrive. Breathe. You’ve got this. The table is set and your preparation will pay off. Your guests feel at home, cared for, and excited to be with you. Welcome Shabbat dinner. Welcome happy.

Afterward we’ll check in to see how it went. We love to see (and share) photos or recipes from the event, so feel free to send us everything you have!