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A celebration of unity and diversity in the face of fear and division.

Together at the Table

On Friday, August 18th 2017, we came together to mobilize a grassroots movement of Shabbat dinners across the country dedicated to celebrating diversity, equality, and inclusion in the face of fear, division, and hate.

It is hard to put into words how many of us felt following a weekend in which we witnessed white supremacists and neo-nazis marching openly in America, leaving violence and tragedy in their wake.

Regardless of where we each stand politically, we can ALL agree: hatred, bigotry, and violence cannot be tolerated in our communities. When our values are threatened in this way, we raise our voices and rise up—not just in opposition but in unity.

We invite you to continue to join us by gathering people in your communities and networks for a Together at the Table dinner to engage in constructive dialogue with a plurality of perspectives, to address deep, painful divides in our communities, and to consider the role we can play in strengthening civil discourse and society.

A Friday with Intention

Shabbat dinner offers us the opportunity to create community, deepen relationships and reflect on the week that was. This Shabbat, we also focus on the world we hope to create together. Repair the World has put together a guide for your Friday dinner, with ideas on how to respond with joy, love, and action, Together at The Table.

Share the Movement #TogetherattheTable

Use the hashtag #togetheratthetable to post on social media, share with the community, and spread the movement.

Conversation Guides

Find important questions and key tips for engaging diverse groups in constructive dialogue from Repair The World.

Ask Big Questions helps us answer the question, “When do we take a stand?” and shares impactful table topics for your dinner.

The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem created a text study discussing human dignity at times it seems most difficult.

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