OneTable Troubleshooting

Having tech troubles? Below are some common issues.

I can't post my dinner

  • If you’re adding a co-host, make sure they’re already an approved host
  • Don’t use AutoFill
  • Clear your cache

I can't select my nourishment

  • It’s past the deadline. OneTable provides Nourishment credit to dinners that are posted and have Nourishment selected by Tuesday at 11:59pm. Dinners need 5 or more people RSVPed by Wednesday at 11:59pm to be eligible. Try changing the date of your dinner or move it into drafts until you’re ready to reschedule.
  • You applied to host within the last 10 days and are not an approved host just yet!

I can't log in with Facebook

  • Try logging in with your email and password instead of through Facebook

My friends can't RSVP

  • Check your RSVP deadline on the manage dinner page
  • Make sure your dinner isn’t full (you can edit this to include more openings!)

My Invites aren’t sending

  • You can share the direct link to your dinner with your guests and they can request a seat that way!

If you’re still having trouble or if you don’t see your issue listed, email with:

  • A detailed summary of the issue
  • Steps to recreate the issue, if possible
  • The date the issue first occurred
  • Whether the issue is recurring
  • Any relevant screenshots