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Just as Shabbat often provides spiritual inspiration, so too can interacting with art + culture. This Shabbat, consider the kind of unique experience that you could have bringing in aspects of ART + CULTURE. Marry them together while you unplug and go play! The creativity of humanity is boundless.

In your city or town, you’ll likely have an option to interact with art + culture, whether by wandering through an art gallery, or maybe a museum. Browse an independent bookstore, or take a look at OneTable’s Shabbat Poetry Project. Find live music. Really listen to yourself about what excites you and makes you want to play. Stay present in the moment with your ideas.

If you are a OneTable host, we have several Nourishment options to choose from while planning your Shabbat involving arts + culture such as a creative offering from Etsy or a ticket to the cinema. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask your Field Manager or login or create an account to post a dinner yourself using #unplugged in the description.

Explore a little more

Interested in Tech Shabbat? Tiffany Shlain makes The case for a tech Shabbat in a too-connected world in the Boston Globe.

Considering creativity as a facet of personality? The Making of a Mensch is a short film with a discussion toolkit looking at the science of character (strengths like gratitude, empathy, curiosity, leadership) through the powerful ancient Jewish teachings of Mussar.

Thinking a bit about rituals as a part of culture? Scientific American explores why rituals work and Psychology Today takes on how rituals alter the brain to help us perform better.

Inspired by a trip to the local independent bookstore? Character Lab discusses how reading a good book can make you a better person.

Looking for your next absorbing read? OneTable’s Nourishment options now include Adeena Sussman’s “Shabbat”, Alan Lew’s “This is Real and You are Completely Unprepared”, and Tiffany Shlain’s “24/6”.

Elul: Preparing for the High Holidays

Elul, the Hebrew month leading up to the High Holidays, begins this August and our Unplugged partners are offering some wonderful resources to help you prepare.

At the Well has created this Shabbat Guide for a Meaningful Elul, a unique resource to support you in laying the groundwork for a new year. This month is known as a time of teshuvah, which means returning to your highest self, your true path. It is a beautiful time to take stock of your life and make note of what you’re seeking to change in the year ahead.

The Institute for Jewish Spirituality is offering a free online class, Getting Real for a New Year, for those in their 20s and 30s. The text of this course will be Alan Lew’s “This is Real and You are Completely Unprepared,” which we are now also offering as a Nourishment option!

Taking place August 13 – September 22, it will be an opportunity to share in ongoing Jewish spiritual practice with live virtual sessions, a WhatsApp discussion group, and the option to learn and practice with a chevrutah, or study partner.

Get Cooking!

A great way to unplug is to get cooking, especially a dish new to your tastebuds. The Jewish Food Society has shared a handpicked recipe for you to undertake while putting together your Art + Culture Shabbat: Orly Elyashar’s gorgeous Persian Eggplant Tachin. It’s a showstopper dish worth the effort!

For more of Orly’s recipes and family story visit

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