“Friday night was a huge success – it really warmed my heart to bring so many great people together around a table. At one point I was beaming so much my face actually hurt.”
-Jason, Chicago

How It Works

STEP 1: Set your Intention

It’s Friday night. How do you put down your work in order to pick up your spirits? How do you create space for food, for friends, and for yourself? At OneTable, you explore these questions with personalized one-on-one support from a Shabbat Coach. Let’s get a coffee or grab a beer and talk about you, your life, and what Shabbat dinner has to do with it.

STEP 2: Post to Host


Post your dinner. Invite your friends or make it open, where anyone is welcome at your table! For more instructions click here.

STEP 3: Nourishment

If you qualify for Nourishment Credits, choose what type of nourishment you want when posting your meal, and your local Hub Manager will contact you by email to go over your Nourishment options.* You must post your dinner on the OneTable platform no later than the Tuesday before your dinner in order to be nourished for that Friday night.


STEP 4: Invite Guests

Your dinner is posted, your Nourishment is set. Invite your friends, and consider saving seats for fresh faces! When guests book a seat, they simply enter their name and email address.


STEP 5: Dinner Time

Check in with your guests a day or two before your dinner and make sure they know when and where to arrive. Breathe. You’ve got this. The table is set and your preparation will pay off. Your guests feel at home, cared for, and excited to be with you. Welcome Shabbat dinner. Welcome happy.

*OneTable partners with different on-demand services to make hosting easier. Learn more about Nourishment here.