Why Shabbat?

What's Shabbat?

“A day of rest. A day of reflection. A day to reconnect with one’s thoughts and family. A day of gratitude. A day to reset. Nostalgia for Shabbat dinners growing up. Connecting to my ancestors. Beautiful music. Carrying the torch of tradition.”
-Micah, New York

“As someone who has never had exposure to the Jewish faith before my [OneTable dinner], to me Shabbat means coming together and appreciating the hard work we all do and recognizing the need for rest.”
-Benjamin, Colorado

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Ok, But Really, What is Shabbat?

“The Jewish contribution to the idea of love is the conception of love of the Sabbath, the love of a day, of spirit in the form of time.”
― Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath

According to Jewish law, Shabbat begins just before sundown on Friday night, and spans a restful 25 hours until after sundown on Saturday. All creative work is forbidden and there are several rituals and special meals to fill the day.

There are many different ways of of observing this incredible weekly holiday, and we don’t prescribe to any singular idea (in fact, our staff falls all along the observance spectrum).

While technically Shabbat lasts throughout Saturday, we at OneTable focus exclusively on the beginning: Shabbat dinner.

What's So Special About Dinner?

“[OneTable Shabbat dinner] made me remember why civilizations form bonds beyond their families and enjoy others’ company. It’s the feeling that you could sit at the table for hours and not want to check your iPhone. It sounds simple, but it felt like nothing short of a miracle.”
The New York Times

Great! How Do I Do Shabbat Dinner?

“OneTable is helping to usher in a new era of Shabbat that is more about meaningful connection than prescribed traditions.” – Chicago Tribune

We’re here to help you do Shabbat dinner your own way. If you’re interested in hosting, go ahead and apply to host – we’ll be in touch shortly. Want to guest? Check out your city’s dinner page. More questions? Read the FAQ.

Want to know more about the traditions and rituals? Check out the guide.

“Shabbat is for everyone. It is an ancient antidote to our modern ailments.” – Vogue