Software as a Service (SaaS)
Your Engagement, Powered By OneTable
Powered By OneTable is the tech platform that empowers engagement-oriented organizations and businesses to grow organically.

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) brings together everything we know about peer–led growth and provides opportunities to leverage such networks to facilitate more impactful gatherings.

Powered By OneTable offers real time insights and data analysis, can be customized to each client’s unique needs and brand with seamless communication tools, and provides personalized, ongoing support for continued success.

  • 180k
    Powered By OneTable has generated over 180,000 engagements since its launch.
  • 55
    The Powered By platform saves a majority of Hillel professionals 60 hours per year.
  • 94%
    The conversion rate of RSVPS across all client sites is 94%.
  • 26
    On average, it takes a user of a Powered By site 31 seconds to RSVP to an event.
  • Oren Persing
    Director of Global Student Experiences, Hillel International

    “The platform is a game changer. The real transformation will come from the low-barrier way that friends of existing student leaders can also start to see themselves as hosts and create opportunities for their peers. Being able to do all this without even setting foot in a Hillel building means that we can reach students we may not have before and scale student engagement beyond what we could in the past.”

  • Mary Horn
    Director of Community Experience, The Dinner Party

    “We’ve loved working with OneTable to build new functionality and customize the platform to suit our community’s needs: we’ve added a membership modal as well as customized filters and areas for specific types of tables we offer. The platform allows members of our community to freely start, find, and join Dinner Party Tables, so they can build real relationships for the long-haul. As a result, our staff is able to focus less on the logistics of getting people to tables and more on building and sustaining community that matters.”

  • Haley Schreier
    Director of Engagement
    Hillel University of Michigan

    “Thanks to our investment in this platform, our engagement numbers have skyrocketed. It has saved our staff valuable time, and we’ve empowered our students to be both the creators and consumers of meaningful experiences.”

  • Lisa Colton
    The Great Big Jewish Food Fest

    “We live in an age where people know how to organize themselves, so organizations need a catalyst to do something more — to built a sense of collective power and influence. To me, this is exactly what Powered by OneTable provides.”

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