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Practicing Shabbat while Israel is at war

Shabbat is a time to pause, a time to gather, and a time to reflect. It is also an opportunity to listen — to our own inner voices and to other people around our table. Right now, so many people around our Shabbat tables are:

  • Praying for the safe release of the 114 hostages still being held in captivity, including children, women, and elderly;
  • Praying for the end of the war in Gaza;
  • Praying for the end of innocent people’s suffering.

It is not always easy to listen, especially to people who might have different perspectives. Now, more than ever, we know how important it is to be seated around the Shabbat table for teaching and learning so that we all have an opportunity to speak, listen, and empathize.

Jewish tradition calls us to listen AND struggle, starting with the familiar words “Sh’ma: Israel.”  The Hebrew word Sh’ma means Listen, and Israel means “wrestling with God.” This is a challenge to turn toward, not away from, complexity.

We have created a new resource called Why Shabbat? Why Now? that we hope will help deepen your conversations around the table.

In other words, “Sh’ma: Israel” can mean “Listen: those who are struggling.”

We hope the resources below will help you to continue to sit at the table, continue to engage, and continue to be part of community. If you’re not yet a host, apply to host a dinner to pause and discuss.

Based on needs expressed by OneTable users following October 7, 2023, we collected these resources.
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