brings us together
builds community
invites a sacred pause
Through peer-led Shabbat dinners and our signature digital platform, we make community accessible, inclusive, and meaningful for all—OneTable at a time.
Table Talk
From young adults to empty nesters, engagement professionals to engaged participants, OneTable offers resources and solutions to broaden knowledge and deepen connections.
  • Nathan K
    OneTable LA Host

    “Being able to combine lots of people with food + the intimacy of Shabbat is an ideal situation for me. Even though it’s exhausting, once I’m done and the food is served, and I can sit down with my friends, it’s all worth it. That wouldn’t happen without OneTable. Nourishment is an investment in so much joy.”

  • Rachel
    OneTable Miami Host

    “Your whole week goes by. You did the hustle + bustle. On Friday, you finish work, and NOW it’s time to figure out what you’ll do for the time that is just yours. You suddenly don’t have to answer to anyone. Shabbat gives you full autonomy to create. You can ask yourself: What do I want to be doing with my time? For me, it’s having meaningful conversations, building connections, savoring good food, and just being present.”

  • Oren Persing
    Director of Global Student Experiences, Hillel International

    “The platform is a game changer. The real transformation will come from the low-barrier way that friends of existing student leaders can also start to see themselves as hosts and create opportunities for their peers. Being able to do all this without even setting foot in a Hillel building means that we can reach students we may not have before and scale student engagement beyond what we could in the past.”

  • Vikki S
    OneTable Together LA

    “Growing up, my family did Shabbat each Friday night. As my children grew up and our life became more complicated, it slowly disappeared. It has been a long while since I have practiced this ritual, and I have to say, this was a beautiful way to reintroduce myself to this Friday night practice. The encouragement from OneTable Together was the little nudge I needed to remind me that slowing down and sharing an evening with friends in the most intentional way is precisely what I have been missing.”

  • Lynn K
    OneTable Together Palm Beach

    “I was recently invited to the inaugural OneTable Together event for those over 50. It was a wonderful experience of like-minded individuals coming together to celebrate Shabbat… The conversations centered around an ethical question our hostess had requested each couple bring… It was lively conversation, delicious food and wine, and lasted about two and a half hours. It was a great way to begin the weekend.”

  • 270K
    More than 270,000 unique participants have enjoyed OneTable dinners since 2014.
  • 140K
    Nearly 140,000 total Shabbat dinners have been hosted with OneTable.
  • 1 MIL+
    OneTable dinners have included more than 1,000,000 overall opportunities to Shabbat in the last decade.
  • 17K
    Nearly 17,000 people have become OneTable Shabbat hosts…and counting.
  • 700+
    More than 700 cities have served as the sites of OneTable dinners since 2014, including Toronto!
  • 1/4
    A fourth of OneTable participants adopted new Jewish rituals or practices since their first dinners.
  • 99%
    99% of OneTable participants report celebrating Shabbat more regularly today compared to before they got involved with OneTable.
Why Shabbat?
Connect with yourself + others
Connect With Yourself + Others
At OneTable, we invite you to hold tradition in one hand and your beliefs, experiences, and passions in the other.

At OneTable, we believe in the power of gathering around a table with good food, good wine, and good conversation. Sounds simple, but it’s actually life-changing.

Guided by our core values of Oneg (Joy), Hachnasat Orchim (Welcoming), and Kedushah (Elevation), we’re here to help make ancient Jewish practices work for you today. Modern life runs us dry, but Shabbat with OneTable can refill your cup.

Setting the Next Course
Our Strategic Plan

We’re leaning into our entrepreneurial roots and taking note of the shifting needs of the North American Jewish landscape to remain at the forefront of making Jewish rituals and gatherings accessible and welcoming. Our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan sets the course for our aspirations and expansion.