Frequently Asked Questions

So you’re thinking about hosting Shabbat dinner. Awesome! You probably have some questions. Check out these FAQ’s.

Still have questions? Contact your Hub Manager or your OneTable Shabbat Coach!


Who is OneTable for?

  • Different communities have different needs. The OneTable host and guest community is primarily made up of folks who are in their 20s and 30s. We have tailored our support to work best for those who are over 21, not in college, and do not have children.
  • OneTable is uber-inclusive. At OneTable, we want you to spend Friday night with the people who YOU want to spend your Friday night with – guests of any and all religions and cultures are welcome.
  • If you don’t identify in our demographic, please contact your city’s Hub Manager or Rabbi Jessica Minnen, and we can help you find organizations and initiatives with resources that are right for you: Meet the Team

Does OneTable only support Friday night dinner?

Yes, only Friday night Shabbat dinners.

How often can I host?

Host a OneTable Shabbat dinner each week! For super active hosts we encourage you to make your dinners “Host Approval” instead of “Private” so you can bring more guests into the OneTable community.

What if I want to host but need some guidance?

OneTable Shabbat Coaches to the rescue! A coach is your point person. Coaches are selected and trained by OneTable to answer all your questions, help you think about ritual and your overall dinner experience. Apply today so that we can connect you with a coach, allowing plenty of time for you two to chat before your Shabbat dinner and elevate your hosting skills.Totally unbiased: every Shabbat Coach is amazing.

What is OneTable's Statement of Welcoming/Non-Discrimination Policy?

Inclusive Community (Kvod Ha’briot)

At OneTable, we foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other. We cherish the diversity of humanity, which includes all styles of Jewish practice as equally valid and honored, and all are welcome regardless of ability, religion, ethnicity, race, social or economic status, sexual or gender identity. While Shabbat offers quiet meditative moments, Shabbat dinner is an essential social gathering. We cherish the differences among the Jewish people, and OneTable provides support that allows for the practice of ritual according to varying interpretations and understandings. Every Jewish person and Shabbat dinner attendee is unique; we all celebrate Shabbat differently.

Can I host a political dinner?

OneTable encourages you to bring the joy of Shabbat dinner to the causes you care about. However as a 501c3, OneTable resources may not be used for partisan political activities, including supporting or opposing a political party or organization and supporting or opposing candidates for public office, or specific legislature.

Where can I read the Codes of Conduct?

For hosts: Code of Conduct

For guests: Code of Conduct

Where can I read the full Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy?

Using the OneTable Dinner Platform:

Should I register to host even though I'm not ready to "Create a Dinner" on the platform?

YES! If you know that you’d like to host Shabbat at some point with OneTable, register now! The more you plan ahead, the more helpful OneTable can be. You can log back into the platform whenever you’re ready to host a dinner!

When should I post my dinner?

  • While you can always post as far in advance as you like, we recommend that you post your dinner at least one (1) week in advance.
  • At the latest, you will need to post your dinner by Tuesday at 11:30 pm EST in order to receive OneTable nourishment for the same week.
    • If you want to use your nourishment for places like Etsy, ModernTribe, or other options that have longer shipping windows, you must post your dinner and request these nourishment options at least two (2) weeks in advance.


How many guests do I need to have at my dinner?

A OneTable dinner is for a minimum of five (5) people, you and four (4) guests.

If you’re having 20 or more people, you may qualify for a separate grant. Email Zoe Plotsky, our Manager of Event Partnerships, for more information:

How do privacy settings work? What is the difference between an open, host approval, and private dinner?

    • An open dinner means anyone in the OneTable community can sign up to attend. The location is public. Everyone is an automatic “yes.” (You will not have this as an option for a dinner hosted in your home.)
    • Host approval means that you manage your dinner’s RSVPs. While the description of the Shabbat dinner is public, only guests that you approve will be given the full details about your dinner (time, address, other guests, etc). You will receive the name and email of everybody who requests a seat so you can communicate them to determine if the Shabbat dinner you’ve planned is the right fit. If you feel you need to decline a guest, you can do so through our platform (there’s even a space to send them a message). Your Hub Manager is available if you need guidance with this.
    • A private dinner is for when you are hosting a specific group of people and do not have room for others to join. This might be a Shabbat-birthday party, a Shabbat-reunion, or the like. Only guests you invite can see you post and attend your dinner. No information about your dinner is available on the platform to guests who have not been invited.

OneTable Nourishment Options:

What do you mean by Nourishment? How do I get it?

    • OneTable provides hosts with a variety of different “Nourishment” options to help you prepare for your meal. Nourishment Credit is a pre-imbursement. You’ll receive an online gift card or coupon code to use at any of the vendors we partner with.
    • When you create your dinner on the platform, you can select where you would like to use your nourishment credit (for example: Instacart, Whole Foods, Seamless, Etsy, etc.).
    • Your hub manager will confirm your choice and email you your nourishment credit (e-gift card/code) the week of your dinner.
    • NOTE: If you want to use your nourishment for places like Etsy, ModernTribe, or other options that have longer shipping windows, you must post your dinner and request these nourishment options at least two (2) weeks in advance.

As a OneTable host, how much Nourishment will I receive per dinner?

      • We provide nourishment credit of $15 per person up to $150 total. You are encouraged to invite more than 10 people if you’d like.
      • Nourishment is meant to assist in creating your dinner. We understand it might not cover all expenses for the night, but we believe OneTable can help elevate your meal. Consider asking friends to help out by bringing wine, flowers, challah, etc.
      • In order to receive nourishment your dinner must be posted no later than the Tuesday night before your dinner. Cut-off at 11:30 pm EST.  
      • If you don’t use all of the Nourishment you’re sent, we ask that you send the remainder back to OneTable so we can pay-it-forward for another Shabbat dinner.


OneTable’s Nourishment options look cool but I had a different idea…

    • Shabbat is portable! If you have a new restaurant you’d like to try or a favorite restaurant you like to order-in from, as long as they can take a CC payment over the phone in advance, your Hub Manager can hook you up.
    • If your Shabbat plans do not fit these Nourishment Credit options, please contact your Hub Manager.

Can I get a reimbursement instead of Nourishment?

OneTable does not reimburse. Our pre-imbursement through Nourishment gift cards means that you can skip saving receipts. Instead, providing online gift cards to you before Shabbat allows you to shop stress free, as well as maintain a budget and plan ahead. Then, once your Shabbat dinner is over, you only have to worry about doing the dishes (unless you chose take-out!)

Dinner Conversations and Next Steps:

Do I need to do anything special at the dinner?

Shabbat dinner is special, and we hope that you’ll consider ways to set a specific intention for the space you are creating. Rituals (like candle lighting, a blessing over the wine, and having challah) are some meaningful ways to elevate Friday night. Your coach is the best person to talk with about ritual, and ways you can create intention whether traditional or unique to you.

What do I do after my dinner?

Let us know how it went and/or send photos if you have them. If you choose to post about your dinner, tag us on social media (#myonetable). We love hearing about all of your awesome dinners! Plus you get to #humblebrag.

Does OneTable have any programs outside of Shabbat dinners?

Yes! Stay tuned on our Facebook page, newsletters (aka the “SideDish”), and platform to hear about our partner and Nosh:pitality events!

What's a Nosh:pitality?

A Nosh:pitality is an in-person gathering in hub cities (Atlanta, Bay Area, Chicago, Denver, D.C. Metro Area, Los Angeles, and NYC) and small markets (Pittsburgh). Hub Managers create events that focus on the art of hospitality such as cocktail mixology, challah baking, and cooking, and Jewish learning. These events are a chance to meet other hosts and coaches in your city, and learn rockstar hosting skills to bring to your next dinner.

Have a Nosh:pitality event you might want to see? Let your Hub Manager know!

When should I prepare?

We suggest prepping as much as possible the day or days before. Check out our resources for recipe ideas and get in touch with your Coach or Hub Manager for more ideas and support!

More questions? Contact your Hub Managers!