Partner With Us

Inspired by ancient Jewish wisdom, OneTable is a national non-profit that empowers folks (21-39ish) to find, share, and enjoy Shabbat dinners, making the most of their Friday nights. Our social dining platform makes it easy for people to become the producer of their own experiences and for Shabbat dinner to become a platform for community building.

OneTable provides unique and impactful partnership opportunities to introduce people to your organization or brand in an inspiring and purposeful way. There are many ways to partner with us and we’re interested in hearing from you with additional ideas for collaboration. Take a look at these suggestions or reach out for more info.

  • Host a Few Shabbat Dinners (1–5): Get started today by hosting through our platform if your organization is looking to host 1–5 Shabbat dinners for folks in their 20s and 30s. We’d be happy to have someone from your organization submit the host application and one of our Field Managers will be in touch about your dinner.
  • Host Many Shabbat Dinners (10+): Whether you’d like to encourage camp friends to host reunion Shabbat dinners all in one night or you’re looking to lead a series of ongoing dinners, see below to fill out the partnership inquiry form. We’ll be in touch with you soon to discuss formal local or national partnership options.
  • Large-Scale Event: While most OneTable Shabbat dinners are hosted by individuals with an average of 8 guests, our Field Team members also help to plan and lead Friday night rituals at events. Together, we can co-design and co-host experiences that help introduce your community to the magic of Shabbat. Fill out the partnership inquiry form and we’ll reach out to you for potential collaborations.
  • Brand Partnerships + Sponsorships: We’re always looking for mission-aligned brands and collaborators to help our hosts elevate their Shabbat dinners in new and exciting ways. Reach out to Allie Mandel, Manager of Communications, with info on your business for a potential brand partnership.
  • Our Technology for Your Community: Powered By OneTable is the platform that empowers engagement-oriented organizations and businesses to grow organically. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) leverages peer networks to facilitate more impactful gatherings and transform your community. Learn more about Powered By OneTable.

For more info on partnering with OneTable, fill out this form and someone from the OneTable team will be in touch soon.


Email MJ Kurs-Lasky, Director of National Partnerships, with additional ideas or questions about partnering with OneTable.

Beyond Shabbat dinners for folks in their 20s and 30s, we collaborate with partners in other ways.

  • Jewish Learning Resources: We create and curate resources related to Shabbat and other Jewish learning themes. (Check out our Shabbat dinner guides and #HowIShabbat video series to see some materials from our resource library.) Email MJ to discuss contributing to our resources or sharing your materials with our participants.
  • Workshop Facilitation: Several of the OneTable staff members are experienced facilitators and can lead workshops on Shabbat, Friday night rituals, and design-thinking for your organization or team. Reach out to MJ to share about your workshop.
  • Research: Since the inception of OneTable, we have conducted weekly internal evaluation of our resources, program, and platform. Additionally, we invest in wide-reaching quantitative and deep-dive qualitative research that we use to remain participant-centered. Take a look at our most recent research reports or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch about collaborating with the OneTable team for consulting and thought partnership on your own research projects.