20s + 30s
Find, Create, Share Shabbat
Since our founding, OneTable's core focus has been on empowering young adults (21-39ish) to find, share, and enjoy Shabbat dinners, making the most of their Friday nights.

For us, success means a whole generation of Jewish young adults finding joy and connection through Jewish ritual and tradition. We recruit and support volunteer hosts who post their dinners on our custom tech platform (think Airbnb for Shabbat), introduce them to Jewish learning with coaching, DIY tools, and financial support. The hosts open their homes, modeling Jewish values of hospitality and kindness, and building lasting connections one Shabbat table at a time.

  • 25%
    A quarter of OneTable participants have adopted new Jewish rituals or practices since their first dinners.
  • 99%
    OneTable participants almost universally report celebrating Shabbat more regularly today compared to before they got involved with OneTable.
  • 25%
    Almost a quarter of OneTable participants identify as a racial or ethnic background other than white.
  • Rachel
    OneTable Miami host

    “Your whole week goes by. You did the hustle + bustle. On Friday, you finish work, and NOW it’s time to figure out what you’ll do for the time that is just yours. You suddenly don’t have to answer to anyone. Shabbat gives you full autonomy to create. You can ask yourself: What do I want to be doing with my time? For me, it’s having meaningful conversations, building connections, savoring good food, and just being present.”

  • Nathan K
    OneTable LA Host

    “Being able to combine lots of people with food + the intimacy of Shabbat is an ideal situation for me. Even though it’s exhausting, once I’m done and the food is served, and I can sit down with my friends, it’s all worth it. That wouldn’t happen without OneTable. Nourishment is an investment in so much joy.”

  • Alexa D
    Atlanta Host

    “I love OneTable, I love the mission, and I feel connected and appreciate the support from OneTable. OneTable was the first org I heard from, and continued to hear from since October 7th. I feel seen and connected. and I wanted to shout that out. Introducing new people to the platform is excellent; folks need this space. Also, it reminds me of how easy it is; OneTable makes it so easy to practice Shabbat.”

Why OneTable?
OneTable encourages Jewish young adults to build an enduring Shabbat practice as the foundation of a Jewish life informed by joy, meaning, and connection.

With an emphasis on peer-to-peer engagement, OneTable’s high tech, high touch approach offers assistance of every kind in creating personal, unique Shabbat dinners. Our signature platform enables young adults to find, create, or share a Shabbat dinner anywhere in the United States and Toronto.

Constant evaluation yields data on what young adults need, and our industry-leading technology is ever evolving as a result. On a more personal level, our Field Team is available to offer support, inspiration, and coaching, and Nourishment support provides hosts the ability to elevate their Shabbat dinners for their guests.
OneTable: The oldest new way to do Friday Night.

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