Aliza Kline
OneTable Co-Founder and CEO

Aliza Kline is the Co-Founder and CEO of OneTable. At a time when many feel isolated and disconnected from Jewish life, OneTable creates new ways to connect with each other, time, and community by linking Jewish wisdom with modern technology. Founded in 2014, OneTable has grown to a national organization that engages tens of thousands Jewish young adults through peer-led Shabbat dinners. Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, OneTable has expanded to serve the broader community – most recently by launching a platform to enable individuals to find alternative High Holiday celebrations. Also the founding executive director of Mayyim Hayyim (, Aliza has devoted her career to re-imagining Jewish ritual open to the full diversity of the community. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her partner Bradley Solmsen and three daughters.

Featured Writing & Appearances

Aliza Kline and three other leaders in the Jewish world at Federation GA 2020

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Aliza on social cohesion in the time of COVID, and how to meet challenges together.

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Aliza talks about OneTable’s new High Holiday initiative, HereFor.

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“Aliza Kline raises the question of: how do we engage millennials in Jewish life.”

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Aliza on “Hadlakat Nerot: The Spark of Transition” – the power of candlelight

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Aliza explores the ways in which design thinking can play a crucial role in Jewish institutions.