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Host a Collective Escape OneTable Seder or Passover Shabbat April 5-7

Are you ready to step up your flavor for hosting a Seder for your friends?  

Itching to host a creative intimate gathering over Passover and Shabbat?    

NuRoots’ eighth annual citywide celebration of Passover ~Collective Escape~ is coming April 5-14, 2023. OneTable and our partners at NuRoots are teaming up to help you host the Seder (or Passover Shabbat!) of your dreams for April 5, 6 or 7. 

As a superhost for Collective Escape (NuRoots’ city wide LA festival reimagining Passover) you will receive ALL of the things to create and reimagine your own Passover Seder or Passover Shabbat through double Nourishment (double the amount of resource funds) to enhance your gathering experience during the festival. This is a first-come, first-serve opportunity with limited spots available, so sign up and post your dinner ASAP to take advantage!

Collective Escape is a unique opportunity for young Angelenos to create and reimagine Passover Seders and Shabbat dinners. By hosting (and posting) as part of Collective Escape, we are offering three awesome ways for YOU, our community members, to elevate your Seders and Shabbat dinners. 


A personalized design session video-call with OneTable and NuRoots experiential experts. During the call, we’ll explore creative ideas and wisdom for your table!  


How are these nights different than all other nights? On these nights, we will Nourish designated hosts at twice the normal amount — up to $600! You can receive double Nourishment for one Seder or Passover Shabbat dinner.


A community of hosts across Los Angeles to further connect with and plan alongside.   


Nourishment is a resource OneTable offers hosts who need a little extra help to elevate their dinners. A variety of grocery stores and restaurants, plus OneTable swag, a curated collection of books, and some partnered companies are available nationally.  


 NuRoots will be increasing your resources by double — up to $200 Nourishment for Invite Only dinners and up to $600 Nourishment for Open or Host Approval dinners.

Here’s the Seder 101! (How do I join?)   

  • Aren’t a OneTable host quite yet? Register here by March 24, then email talia@onetable.org with the subject: “Collective Escape – I want to host!”
  • Create a Seder or Passover Shabbat experience on OneTable.org by March 28!
    • Make sure to add ‘Collective Escape’ in the title of your Seder or Shabbat when you post on the platform.
    • We’ll add a special Collective Escape image as your dinner cover photo and add this to your dinner description: “This dinner is part of NuRoots Collective Escape Passover Festival.”
  • Attend one group coaching call in the weeks leading up to your gathering. You’ll have the option to pick one of the following:
    • March 29 at 12:00 pm
    • March 29 at 6:00 pm
    • March 30 at 6:00pm 
  • Join our WhatsApp group of superhosts (link will be sent out once your event has been approved)

To participate, meet these easy deadlines:

 **We encourage you to sign up sooner than later as this special opportunity is limited!

  • March 24: Apply to become a OneTable host
  • March 28: Post your Seder or Passover Shabbat 
  • March 29: Have your guests RSVP on OneTable 
  • March 29 or 30: Participate in a coaching call
  • April 5-7: Host your Seder or Shabbat 

OneTable Passover Resources

Hands are passing plates and bowls of food around the table. Text reads OneTable Passover 2023.

Abridged Seder Guide

Whether it’s your first Seder or your 30th, beginning with intention matters. And what better way to begin than by naming the values that make Jewish ritual meaningful and magical in our modern lives.

Passover Shabbat

A Passover Shabbat

This guide is an invitation to infuse your Shabbat with the magic and mystery of Passover. With light, wine, and matzah, we honor where we have come from, share where we are, and imagine a better future.

Four friends are seated around the table, smiling and catting with plates of food in front of them.

Four Questions for Your Table

A key element of a Passover Seder is asking questions. During your dinner, use these questions to spark connective conversation around remembering the past and changing the future.

The Playlist

From Breaking Free to Believing in Miracles, this playlist has everything you need for your Seder soundscape. #alljamnobread

Up-close photo of coconut macaroons on white parchment paper

The Passover Recipe Guide

Whether you reach for dates or apples, chraime or gefilte fish, rice or matzah balls, cook these recipes from our community and partners for your Seder + Shabbat!

Up-close photo of blue, red, and purple flowers bundled in a box made of matzo

Passover Inspo

Everything from matzo brei to veggies and seder plates to play plagues, our Pinterest has you covered.

More Than 4 Questions

How does hosting a Seder or Shabbat with OneTable work?

If you are not already a OneTable Shabbat dinner host, sign up here by March 24. Once you’re a host, you can post your dinner here.

When does my dinner need to be posted?

Seders on April 5 + 6 and Passover Shabbat dinners on April 7 must be posted on the platform by Tuesday, March 28 at 11:59pm local time.

Shabbat dinners on April 14 must be posted on the platform by Tuesday, April 4 at 11:59pm local time.

What is Nourishment?

Nourishment is a financial gift OneTable offers hosts to elevate their dinners. It comes in the form of digital gift cards and is not meant to cover the full cost of the dinner.  We also offer Books as Nourishment — a great option for recipes and framing to help you plan your dinner! Extra Nourishment can be donated back to OneTable. The return of your extra Nourishment money to OneTable will help us Nourish even more Friday night Shabbat dinners across the country, and provide everyone who wants one a seat at the table.

Dinners are eligible for $10/seat up to $300 for Shabbat and 1st or 2nd night Seders.

When do I need to choose my Nourishment?

 The deadline to select Nourishment is Tuesday, March 28 for dinners on April 5-7. You will be Nourished for the number of guests you have signed up by Wednesday, March 29, at 11:59pm local time.

Can I host more than once during Passover?

You can receive regular Nourishment for one Seder (on April 5 or 6) and Passover Shabbat (on April 7). If you post Seders for both April 5 + 6, you’ll receive Nourishment for the Seder that has the most RSVPs.

As a Collective Escape host, you can receive double Nourishment for one dinner during Passover: Seder on April 5 or 6, or Passover Shabbat on April 7.

Can I have my parents/kids/non-Jewish friends at my table?

OneTable empowers young adults in their 20s and 30s to build community and deepen their Jewish practice by gathering for peer-led Shabbat dinners.

That being said, we know Passover is a major holiday, and we want you to spend it with the people who YOU want to celebrate with – guests of any and all religions and cultures are welcome, as well as folks of all ages.

What does OneTable require to make it a Seder or Shabbat dinner?

We want you to find the right ritual fit for you and your guests. We encourage you to check out the above resources and check in with your Field Manager. Set the intention that makes you want to elevate your dinner for your guests.

More questions?

Check out our full FAQ here, and/or get in touch with your Field Manager.