Measuring Impact

Everything we do at OneTable is informed by data. It is crucial to our mission that each person feels respected. This applies not only to the Shabbat dinner table, but in how we conduct our research. We ask questions to learn more about who participants are, what they’re looking for from OneTable, and how we support their Jewish identity and community building.

The world has changed since October 7, 2023...
And so has participation in OneTable. Jewish young adults have turned to OneTable at higher and more frequent rates than we have seen in the past.
host application increase in the immediate weeks after Oct. 7
more participants in 2023 than 2022
of 2023 participation took place in the weeks following Oct. 7

“I am so overwhelmed. I feel like with the news, everyone asks me how I am doing and I don’ know what to say. I really appreciate OneTable. [It] has been so amazing. It is this beautiful ritual for friends, myself, and more. Now, but always.”

John, Asheville — October 19, 2023

Our Research Advisory Board
To bolster high-quality national research and evaluation, OneTable launched a Research Advisory 
Board in spring 2019.

Internal evaluations
Since its inception, OneTable has conducted weekly internal evaluation of our resources, program, and platform. Additionally, we invest in wide-reaching quantitative, as well as deep-dive qualitative, research that we use to remain participant-centered.

“I loved being able to connect with others and share the beautiful evening of Shabbat. I always see lighting the candles as a way to bring light into the home, and I think OneTable is another way to bring more light into the world by bringing people together to enjoy Shabbat.”

OneTable Impact Survey Response,
December 2021