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The Field Team

Emily Zussman


Director of People and Field Operations


Ask Me About: our amazing field team, how to work at OneTable, and Michigan football (Go Blue!)

Shabbat Is: weekly self-care.

Julia Logan


Director of Research and Field Operations, Currently Shabbat-ing in Chicago


Ask Me About: our amazing field team, OneTable's research and evaluation, and my favorite Shabbat poems.

Shabbat Is: magical and restorative. An opportunity to connect over good food, laugh with friends, and taking the time to pause.

Abbie Barash


Field Manager, Cascadia + Fellowship Coordinator


Ask Me About: creative programming ideas for the High Holidays, celebrating Shabbat in Pacific Northwest style, and nerding out on all things theology.

Shabbat Is: camping in the wilderness, a breath of fresh air, a fantastic glass of dry red wine

Naomi Davis


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in Miami

Ask Me About: mindfulness+Judaism, vegan challah recipes, farmers markets in Miami, and how to make life an adventure!

Shabbat Is: a time to connect to ourselves and each other and imagine together a taste of the world we want to see

Tori Greene


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in Miami


Ask Me About: all things Miami, elevating your Shabbat dinner decor at a low cost, and setting the tone for your guests

Shabbat Is: both time-bound and timeless, both grounding and liberating.

Maya Katz-Ali


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in the Bay Area


Ask Me About: how you can Shabbat in the Bay Area and have multicultural exchanges. Also how to travel on a budget!

Shabbat Is: time to come together with loved ones, celebrate community and unwind.

Dani Kohanzadeh


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in LA + Local Partnerships


Ask Me About: LA happenings + challah baking

Shabbat Is: warmth, a breath of fresh air, and damn. good. food.

Elie Leaderman-Bray


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in Boston


Ask Me About: Shabbat in Boston and Jewwy stuff.

Shabbat Is: a time to enjoy the company of friends and the world around me without any distractions.

Nir Levy


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in Atlanta


Ask Me About: hosting Friday night dinner in Atlanta + the Southeast

Shabbat Is: nourishment for the soul.

Annie Prusky


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in the DMV


Ask Me About: Shabbat in the DMV, alternative ritual, and creating a space where friends old + new feel welcome. Also, pilates.

Shabbat Is: a chance to step back, take a deep breath, and see what you’ve created.

Lilli Stordeur


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in New York


Ask Me About: All things Shabbat and NYC.

Shabbat Is: laughing, connecting, and eating the best food.

Lizzy Wallis


Field Manager, Currently Shabbating in Colorado

Ask Me About: Shabbat in Colorado and the mountains, queering Judaism, earth-based ritual, and pickling

Shabbat Is: a delicious potluck with lovely people, ideally outdoors and/or in nature

Leah C. Weinstein


Field Manager, Currently Shabbat-ing in Chicago


Ask Me About: bikes, interfaith life, and Shabbat in Chicago.

Shabbat Is: a sacred opportunity to catch your breath and slow down.

The Executive Team

Aliza Kline


President + CEO

Ask Me About: designing solutions that inspire, enrich and deepen the lives of OneTable users though the power, relief and gift of Shabbat.

Shabbat Is: what keeps me going. It’s chocolate milk, sweet challah, fine wine, family, friends, and sacred time.

Ariella Yedwab Allmayer


Associate Director of Strategic Projects and Executive Office


Ask Me About: project and board management.

Shabbat Is: connection, love and amazing food.

The Development Team

Julia Malkin Reger


Vice President, Development and Expansion


Ask Me About: how to bring OneTable to your city

Shabbat Is: delicious; restorative; creative; for everyone!

Andi Morris


Associate Director, Development Operations

Ask Me About: how you can help support our Shabbat movement in your city

Shabbat Is: food, friends, and lots of wine.

The Brand Strategy and Partnerships Team

Al Rosenberg


Chief Strategy Officer


Ask Me About: planning for the future, using research to make decisions, and Queer Shabbats

Shabbat Is: freedom, community, and rejuvenation.

Eva Laporte


Director of Communications


Ask Me About: how we elevate the joy of Shabbat through OneTable’s marketing and communication channels and hosting tips

Shabbat Is: welcoming everyone to the table; a long breath in and a longer breath out; grounding in your narrative

Marissa Freeman


Senior Manager of Marketing


Ask Me About: how you can help support our hosts in creating meaningful experiences at their Shabbat dinner tables throughout the Midwest. Also cheeseboard arranging and how to make friends with other people’s dogs.

Shabbat Is: self care and new friends.

Marina Rostein


Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships & Community Philanthropy


Ask Me About: how you can get your brand in front of thousands of millennials

Shabbat Is: a warm glow, meaningful conversation, and delicious food.

The Jewish Learning Team

Rabbi Jessica Minnen


Resident Rabbi


Ask Me About: all the Jewish stuff!

Shabbat Is: a gift, a magical combo of good food, good wine, and good people.

Pammie Shapiro


Associate Director, Program + Tech Integration


Ask Me About: OneTable’s retreat-based initiatives including: Birthright Israel staff training and OneTable Field Fellows programming

Shabbat Is: time for disconnecting from the norm and connecting with each other.

The Operations Team

Andrea Greenblatt


Chief Operations Officer

Shabbat Is: a huge and welcome exhale at the end of the week.

Amalia Kruszel


Vice President, Technology and Data


Ask Me About: technology and innovative solutions to better serve our users.

Shabbat Is: a time to connect, restore and celebrate stillness.

Adi Hila Yoffe Barman


Director of New Business Initiatives


Ask Me About: ways to increase engagement and connectivity in your community.

Shabbat Is: about reflection and a way to create a strong sense of belonging no matter where you are in the world.

Becca Plotke

User Experience Specialist


Ask Me About: your tech issues! I'm here to get you nourished and help out with any tech help you need. You can also talk to me about puppetry, world affairs (especially East Asian), cooking, and all things spooky or morbid!

Shabbat Is: brand new to me, and very exciting!

Chris Phillips


Technical Project Associate

Ask Me About: a good binge worth series, all things Atlanta, anything about food and Esports.

Shabbat Is: relaxing with amazing people, and even better food!

Kenny Sung


Data and Budget Associate


Ask Me About: all kinds of data and how to clean it, but also all things cooking!

Shabbat Is: a new learning experience.