Meet the Team

Meet our devoted team of Shabbat-makers, foodies, and tech gurus. Based across the country, our staff works tirelessly to ensure that folks around the U.S. can find, share, and enjoy Shabbat dinners. 


Sara Fatell

Associate Director, Expansion and East Coast Programs


Favorite Food: Cheese, in any format

“Shabbat is time for challah, wine, and friends!”

Shira Hahn


Atlanta Hub Manager


Favorite Food: Fresh Pasta

Analucía Lopezrevoredo

Bay Area

Associate Director of West Coast Programs


Favorite Food: A Japanese-Peruvian cuisine known as Nikkei

“Shabbat is my weekly opportunity to connect, reflect and rejoice with our global community.”

Marissa Freeman


Chicago Hub Manager


Favorite Food: Fresh Ahi Poke with Extra Shoyu

“Shabbat is self care and new friends.”

Natalie Bergner


Colorado Hub Manager

Favorite Food: pomelos and oatmeal

“Shabbat is setting aside time for food, friends, and relaxation.”

Emily Zussman


Detroit Hub Manager


Favorite Food: Soup

“Shabbat is weekly self-care.”

Dani Kohanzadeh

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Hub Manager


Favorite Food: hazelnuts, fresh bread and butter, cilantro

“Shabbat is warmth, a breath of fresh air, and damn. good. food.”

Rachel Sherman

New York

New York Hub Manager


Favorite Food: Coffee! ☕️😳

“Shabbat is love: self-love, love of tradition, and love of food!”

Lianne Sufrin


Pittsburgh Hub Manager


Favorite Food: chocolate

“Shabbat is my time to reflect, be present & express gratitude.”

Marina Rostein

Washington, D.C.

DC Hub Manager


Favorite Food: Ceviche/Chocolate

“Shabbat is a warm glow, meaningful conversation, and delicious food.”

Amanda Herring

Washington, D.C.

OneTable DC JOFEE Fellow

Favorite Food: Probably bread, I love everything about bread!

“Shabbat is a period in an otherwise run on sentence – Rabbi Zalman”


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Aliza Kline

New York City

Founding Executive Director


Favorite Food: French Bread

“Shabbat is what keeps me going. It’s chocolate milk, sweet challah, fine wine, family, friends, and sacred time.”

Andrea Greenblatt

New York City

Managing Director

Favorite Food: Pizza and Bagels

“Shabbat is a huge and welcome exhale at the end of the week.”

Jessica Minnen

New York City

Resident Rabbi


Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese

Danny Cohen

New York City

Director of Finance, Operations and Technology


Favorite Food: Hamburger with Caramelized Onions

“Shabbat is time to spend with family and friends.”

Julia Malkin Reger

New York City

Director of Development and Expansion


Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese/Ice Cream

“Shabbat is delicious; restorative; creative; for everyone!”

Al Rosenberg


Director of Marketing and Communications


Favorite Food: boxty or colcannon

“Shabbat is freedom, community, and rejuvenation.”


Sarit Wishnevski

New York City

Associate Director of Community Partnerships


Favorite Food: Carbs

“Shabbat is space to breathe, connect, and then eat all the challah.”

Zoe Plotsky

New York City

Associate Director of Brand Strategy and Corporate Sponsorships

Favorite Food: Avocado, tahini, and beverages (all of them)

“Shabbat is food, feelings, Fridays.”

Lauren Epstein

New York City

Philanthropic Partnerships


Favorite Food: Authentic hummus, hands down.

“Shabbat is warmth, challah, intention, vino, vibes, home. Did I say wine?”

Andi Morris

New York City

Grants Manager

Favorite Food: Bagels and Mac & Cheese

“Shabbat is food, friends, and lots of wine.”

Pammie Shapiro

Washington, D.C.

User Experience Manager


Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese, Tater Tots, Marzipan Rugelach

“Shabbat is time for disconnecting from the norm and connecting with each other.”

Ariel Siegel

Palo Alto

Senior Manager of Data and Evaluation


Favorite Food: Red Wine

Eve Tyler

New York City

Senior Manager of Design & Digital Strategy


Favorite Food: Red wine and pizza. Preferably together.

“Shabbat is lit 🔥🍷✨”

Emily Zussman

New York City

Manager of People and Special Projects

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director


Favorite Food: Sushi

“Shabbat is weekly self-care.”


Are you passionate about connecting millennials with each other around the dinner table? Are you ready to play a key role in a start-up organization? Then we are looking for someone like you.