"Nourishment really helped us make the dinner special. We were able to set the intention in a way we wouldn't normally be able to."
-Katie, DC

What is Nourishment?

OneTable supports qualified hosts with Nourishment credit valued at $10 or $15 a person (up to 10 people). These options are meant to nourish you and your guests to help elevate your Shabbat dinner experience. Feel free to supplement Nourishment Credits with your own contribution of wine, food, place settings, fresh flowers — whatever helps create a Shabbat dinner that is authentic to you.

We also offer a potluck feature that helps you organize a stress-free dinner party.

Your local Hub Manager will be in touch with you the week of your dinner. You will receive nourishment credits in the form of an online gift card!

Nourishment FAQs

What do you mean by Nourishment? How do I get it?

  • OneTable provides qualified hosts with a variety of different “Nourishment” options to help you prepare for your meal. Nourishment Credit is a pre-imbursement. You’ll receive an online gift card or coupon code to use at any of the vendors we partner with.
  • When you create your dinner on the platform, you can select where you would like to use your nourishment credit (for example: Instacart, Whole Foods, Seamless, Etsy, etc.).
  • Your hub manager will confirm your choice and email you your nourishment credit (e-gift card/code) the week of your dinner.
  • NOTE: If you want to use your nourishment for places like Etsy, ModernTribe, or other options that have longer shipping windows, you must post your dinner and request these nourishment options at least two (2) weeks in advance.

How often am I eligible for Nourishment Credits?

One dinner a month is eligible for Nourishment Credits, except in select cities (check with your Hub Manager).

As a OneTable host, how much Nourishment will I receive per dinner?

  • We provide nourishment credit of $10 or $15 per person up to $100 or $150 total. You are encouraged to invite more than 10 people if you’d like.
    • Private dinners are eligible for $10/person, up to $100. “Host Approval” or “Open” dinners are eligible for $15/person, up to $150.
  • Nourishment is meant to assist in creating your dinner. We understand it might not cover all expenses for the night, but we believe OneTable can help elevate your meal. Consider asking friends to help out by bringing wine, flowers, challah, etc.
  • In order to receive nourishment, your dinner must be posted no later than the Monday night before your dinner. You must also select your Nourishment by Monday evening at midnight local time.
  • If you don’t use all of the Nourishment you’re sent, we ask that you send the remainder back to OneTable so we can pay-it-forward for another Shabbat dinner.

OneTable’s Nourishment options look cool but I had a different idea…

  • Shabbat is portable! If you have a new restaurant you’d like to try or a favorite restaurant you like to order-in from, as long as they can take a CC payment over the phone in advance, your Hub Manager can hook you up. (Not available in all hubs.)
  • If your Shabbat plans do not fit these Nourishment Credit options, please contact your Hub Manager.

What about restaurants?

Can I get a reimbursement instead of Nourishment?

OneTable does not reimburse. Our pre-imbursement through Nourishment gift cards means that you can skip saving receipts. Instead, providing online gift cards to you before Shabbat allows you to shop stress free, as well as maintain a budget and plan ahead. Then, once your Shabbat dinner is over, you only have to worry about doing the dishes (unless you chose take-out!)

Plan Ahead

Shabbat dinner is timeless, but Nourishment takes time.
We love that so many hosts across the country are sharing the Shabbat dinner love with support from OneTable. Because we want to make sure everyone gets nourished, you must post your dinner on the OneTable platform no later than Monday at 11:59 pm in order to be nourished for that Friday night.

Want to change your mind or need to update your guest count? Please make any edits ASAP. We’ll do our best to make the change and the earlier you ask, the better! Once you have received your nourishment, changes cannot be made.

The Nourishment Credit you receive is a reflection of your expected guest count – please be as accurate as possible! If you need to change that number, please do so ASAP. Changes cannot be made once you have received your nourishment.

Make sure your guests sign up for your dinner on the OneTable platform. Feel free to start sending invites now, you can always send them a reminder closer to the dinner!