OneTable + Shine A Light
December 8th, 2023: Shine A Light Shabbat Dinner
Drawing inspiration from Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, host a Shabbat dinner to champion the message that light can dispel darkness and hate.

Shine A Light is a convening platform for organizations, companies, communities, elected officials and individuals to unite in shining a light on antisemitism in all its modern forms through education, community partnerships, workplace engagement, and policy advocacy. We invite you to use our Shine A Light Shabbat resources throughout Chanukah to inspire your conservations.

Shabbat dinner is an opportunity to break bread together and learn from one another. Gather your community for a Shine A Light Shabbat to dispel the darkness and Shine A Light on antisemitism.

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OneTable + Shine A Light

OneTable, a Jewish nonprofit operating in the U.S. and Canada, is dedicated to building community through peer-led engagement. It creates meaningful change by inviting and supporting adults (21-39ish and 50-70ish) to host each other for Shabbat dinner with the goals of everyone becoming producers of their own practices and Shabbat dinners to become catalysts for creating connections. It also now offers its signature digital platform to other engagement-oriented organizations through Powered By OneTable, its software as a service (SaaS).

Shine A Light is a purpose-driven convening platform for organizations, companies, institutions and individuals to unite in shining a light on antisemitism in all its modern forms. Drawing inspiration from the story of Chanukah, the Shine A Light initiative is fueled by an unprecedented coalition of Jewish and non-Jewish organizations from across the United States and Canada who have joined together to speak up about antisemitism and send a message that one single light can dispel darkness.