A New User Interface and User Experience to Celebrate 100,000 OneTable Shabbats

Press Release— June 14, 2023

A New User Interface and User Experience to Celebrate 100,000 OneTable Shabbats

OneTable is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), marking a significant milestone in our journey to provide you with the best digital experience possible. In celebration of reaching a remarkable 100,000 Shabbat dinners hosted on our platform, our team has been hard at work, collaborating with users and meticulously crafting a UI/UX, guided by our core values of joy, elevation, and welcoming, that will take your Shabbat experience to new heights.

Using new technology, it’s now easier than ever to find or create your dream Friday night.  We’ve made big updates to create a smoother, easier-to-navigate user experience.

Look out for these new features:

Redesigned User Interface
Aesthetic updates that are visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly, along with curated pages and personalized experiences tailored for all kinds of users: hosts, guests, and new OneTable participants.

Streamlined User Experience
Increased efficiency: get where you want to go faster. Create an account, log in, post a dinner, manage your dinner, or RSVP quickly with fewer clicks.

Easier to Find Dinners Near You
It’s easier than ever to find and join Shabbat dinners in your area by searching by ZIP code, neighborhood, or address. On our city pages, dinners are also listed by neighborhood, so you can get as micro-local as you want. Our Field Team hand-picks dinners that are open to the public each week, making it even easier to claim your seat at the table. Discovering and connecting with your Shabbat community has never been more convenient.

Simplified Posting Process
We understand that hosting a Shabbat dinner is an act of love and dedication. That’s why we have streamlined the posting process in our new UI/UX. From creating your event to managing RSVPs and customizing your table, you’ll find a simplified and intuitive workflow that allows you to focus on creating a memorable Shabbat gathering.

Personalization and Community Building
Shabbat is a deeply personal experience, and our new UI/UX empowers you to make it your own. Customize your profile, share your Shabbat traditions, and connect with other community members who share your interests and values. Forge meaningful relationships and foster a vibrant Shabbat community that extends beyond the dinner table.

Engaging and Interactive Elements
Prepare to be inspired by our enhanced interactive elements. From guided rituals and curated content, our new UI/UX aims to immerse you in the rich traditions and joys of Shabbat. Experience a digital platform that comes alive with meaningful interactions and resources to foster a deeper connection to the spirit of Shabbat.

Our improved Potluck/Collaborative Dinner feature guides hosts and guests in co-creating a dinner experience together. Hosts can list any items or peer support they might want from guests: a volunteer to lead ritual or an icebreaker, help with cleanup, contributions food + drinks. Guests have the option to sign up for any of the items or requests listed by their host.

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