OneTable Announces White-Label SaaS Leveraging Peer Networks to Facilitate Gatherings

Press Release— August 16, 2023

OneTable Announces White-Label SaaS Leveraging Peer Networks to Facilitate Gatherings

“Powered By OneTable” Supports Organic Growth in Engagement-Oriented Organizations

OneTable, a national nonprofit best known for empowering folks 21-39ish to find, share, and enjoy Shabbat dinners, today announced the widespread launch of Powered By OneTable. This white-label Software as a Service (SaaS) builds on the success of OneTable programs to help other organizations leverage peer networks to facilitate more impactful gatherings.

“After more than 750,000 reservations at 100,000 Shabbat dinners we feel confident that both our technology and our peer-engagement approach really work—and that they can be adapted for others,” said Aliza Kline, OneTable president and CEO. “I would love our community to associate ‘Powered By OneTable’ with an approach to engagement that is human-centered, efficient, and deeply meaningful.”

Thanks to significant funding from supporters, most notably from the Beacon and Shapira Foundations, Powered By OneTable has been embraced by multiple organizations, including 31 Hillel campuses.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be able to help communities expand their reach by leveraging the amazing platform created by OneTable. Powered by OneTable has the ability to help institutions empower their community members and grow engagement numbers exponentially by leveraging peer-to-peer methodology to reach people who have previously shied away from Jewish institutional life,” said Rachel Zylberfink, director, Powered By OneTable.

In addition, Powered By OneTable also offers users the ability to gain real time insights and data analysis, and see trends and learn from participant tracking of metrics like hosts, events, conversion from participant to host, and more. Its platforms are customized to each organization’s unique needs and brand with seamless communication tools.

“Powered By OneTable not only assists but empowers other organizations to grow exponentially,” noted David Shapira, chair of the Shapira Foundation. “We were happy to provide seed funding for this venture, and support the entrepreneurial thinking that will allow business and organizations of all kinds to expand their reach beyond known audiences. The peer-to-peer engagement model that underlies all of the technology makes for truly unique gatherings that in turn lead to sustainable engagement.”

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