REALITY x OneTable

Celebrating Shabbat Back Home

During REALITY Shabbat dinners, we celebrate inclusivity. We aspire to create a space in which all can feel safe, valued, and able to form meaningful connections with each other. We believe that our rich diversity of backgrounds, passions and interests serves as a source of vitality and strength, and all are welcome regardless of ability, religion, ethnicity, race, social or economic status, sexual or gender identity.

The celebration of Shabbat dinner and its ritual can, and should, be practiced according to varying interpretations and understandings. You don’t need to do every single ritual or feel like the rituals you explore have to be done in a particular way. Experimenting with and claiming ownership over these traditions and practices is part of what it means to host Shabbat.

As you spend time at home, OneTable and REALITY invite you to explore opportunities we offer to receive support, through guidance or funding, for hosting a Shabbat dinner experience that provokes dialogue and inspires action.

Slow down, unplug, join together (safely), and Friday.

At OneTable our mission is simple: to inspire people to create their own Shabbat dinner experiences. We believe that at the Shabbat dinner table you can slow down, join together and celebrate what you love. You can connect with new people, new places and new traditions. So we provide resources to enable skilled hosts to create elevated experiences for guests.

Host a REALITY x OneTable Shabbat Dinner

To get started: 1) complete a host application, 2) create your dinner and 3) please apply for a OneTable x REALITY grant, calculated based on event need, and provided for up to $35/guest for up to 50 individuals in line with OneTable’s health guidelines. REALITY x OneTable Shabbat dinners must include at least 10% REALITY guests in order to be eligible for REALITY x OneTable grants.

Dinner applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. Dinners must be posted by the Tuesday before your dinner at 11:59 PM. Contact Dani Kohanzadeh if your Shabbat is coming up sooner.

Attend a OneTable Shabbat Dinner

With over 500 dinners happening across the US each week, browse our platform to find one that meets your needs. Find your next Shabbat dinner by hovering over “Find A Dinner” above, and clicking your city!


REALITY Shabbat Guide

A downloadable, printable ritual guide for use at your REALITY x OneTable Shabbat dinners. Easy to follow along for all of your guests.

Mindfulness Guide

A guide to help you deepen your Shabbat practice with ways to look at the gift of Shabbat as an opportunity to pause and reflect.

Shabbat Alone, Together

This guide can help you elevate time and encounter joy, while alone.

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