Guía de Cena de Shabbat: Edición Latina

Written by: OneTable Team

Guía de Cena de Shabbat: Edición Latina

Bienvenidos and welcome to OneTable’s Guía de cena de Shabat: Edición Latina.

In the same way that we recognize the benefit of using Shabbat as a tool to explore our individual identities, we also view it as a tool in which to deepen our connection to community. The following supplement is meant to serve as a resource for Latinx and non-Latinx hosts wishing to celebrate Latinx culture at the Shabbat dinner table, while also seeking to explore an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Latinx and Jewish-Latinx community.

Given that Latin America is home to 418 million Spanish speakers, we included a transliteration of the Hebrew in Spanish, as well as a Spanish translation to each blessing. Fully aware that not all members of the Latinx community speak Spanish, we’ve included an English version of the transliteration and translation. Whatever your linguistic identity, we see this as an opportunity for languages to stand side by side, and for diversity to be celebrated.

Shabbat shalom/Shabat shalom, l’chaim/lejaim, bete’avon and buen provecho!

Shabbat Latinx Guide
Share Shabbat ritual, songs, stories, questions, and recipes in both English and Español around your Shabbat table.
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