PAUSE: Episode 9 | PAUSE for Chosen Family

Presented by: OneTable Team
June 2021

PAUSE: Episode 9 | PAUSE for Chosen Family

There’s just something about endless nights… laughing, singing, deep conversations with your people. You know, the ones who make time seem to stop as the night flows… and when they leave (real late – or, perhaps, real early in the AM!) it feels like they were there for a blink of an eye. The folks who sit in silence with you, make you cry from belly laughing so hard, who show up in hard times. There’s no need to ask to grab snacks from the fridge (and you know where they hide the good stuff). No awkward pauses. Just friendships – is that even the right word for these soul people?! This is what chosen family feels like. This is where you belong.

PAUSE: Episode 9 | PAUSE for Chosen Family


Presented by:

Emmett Findley
Liz Alpern
Maryse Pearce
Nicolette Dixon
Shira Kline
Stephen Silva
Woldy Reyes
Zohar Fuller

Produced by:
Adam Kantor and Charly Jaffe

Video Editing by:
Jessie Levandov

Production Coordinator:
Sammi Tapper

Production Assistants:
Rachel Schmaier and Sara Eslami Friedman