Sex on Shabbat: Judaism’s Hot Take

Written by: OneTable Team

Sex on Shabbat: Judaism’s Hot Take

Did you know that having sex on Shabbat is a mitzvah (a commandment or a religious obligation)?

“Sexual relations are considered a dimension of Sabbath pleasure.” 

— Mishnah Torah, Shabbat 30:14

Some say sex on Shabbat is a “double mitzvah” because it fulfills the duty of enjoying the Sabbath and the (heteronormative) commandment to be fruitful and multiply.

According to the ancient sages, to delight in the Sabbath, one should feast on aphrodisiacs such as beets, large fish, and garlic heads.

How can you make time this Shabbat for pleasure, intimacy, and delight?

Want to discuss this in greater depth? Post your Shabbat dinner and bring these questions to the table.