Shabbat 25K

Written by: Unpacked
November 2023

Shabbat 25K

Shabbat 25K, Nourished by OneTable and powered by Unpacked, created a bespoke Hosting Guide that includes historical context to the question “What’s going on in Israel?” as well as stories from the frontlines, dynamic Q&A, hosting tips, traditional Shabbat blessings and more.

Shabbat 25K hosts were significant leaders in a movement, gathering their peers around a Friday night dinner table for a moment of unity. They were encouraged to set an intention to create an experience that will support their community of peers, serve as a beacon of joy, a display of solidarity, a moment of reflection, and/or an opportunity for dialogue. 

Processing and discussing current events in Israel can be challenging. It’s normal for these discussions to evoke strong emotions and differing opinions. These Shabbat 25K resources remain available to help all foster environments in which everyone feels seen and heard and where everyone learns from one another.