Solidarity Shabbat Guide

Written by: OneTable Team

Solidarity Shabbat Guide

Shabbat is about imagining a better world and considering the actions we need to take to make that world a reality.

Whether Friday night is a time to engage in powerful conversation or a time to take a break from the work of change-making, this is just one of many ways we can amplify Black voices at our tables and prepare ourselves for the work — and the world — to come.

With deep gratitude to the voices in this collection and our partners at Repair the World, we also thank April N. Baskin – Joyous Justice for her guidance and poetry. The pursuit of justice is ongoing, and OneTable is committed to doing the work necessary for true equity in our society. We will continue to share words, art, reflections, and actions we can all take as we seek to create a better world.

Solidarity Shabbat Guide
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