Take It Outside

Written by: OneTable Team

Take It Outside

Why not bring your Shabbat dinner outdoors?

Here are some tips + tricks for your next al fresco Shabbat, whether you’re camping or at a music festival — make Shabbat a nourishing experience for you and your friends.

Pick the perfect spot
Think of a location that’s accessible to your guests (consider traffic, how far away the spot is from your home, what you and your guests will have to carry, etc).

Post your dinner

  • Dinner title: When you post your dinner, choose something that sets expectations. If you’re headed to a concert or festival, include the name of it in your dinner title so guests who already have tickets can find your dinner and join.
  • Dinner Description: In your dinner description, mention where you plan to meet your guests, either inside the festival campgrounds or outside the concert venue. If you aren’t able to identify a spot a week ahead of time, give your guests your cell phone number and let them know Friday morning where you plan to meet them. Make sure you include directions, any food, drinks or any gear they should bring.
  • Choose your Nourishment. What to cook?! You can make your alfresco Shabbat as rugged or elevated as you want. Have a fire? Try Chickpea Hash with Eggs (a nod to everyone’s favorite Israeli dish, Shakshuka), Campfire Nachos, or Chicken Pad Thai. Picnic more your style? Bring this ready-to-eat Avocado Tomato Salad or Mediterranean Pasta Salad, and don’t forget these Fudge Brownies.

Get Ready

  • When you pack your bags, don’t forget to bring candles, challah, and wine (if that’s your thing!). Check out the OneTable Shabbat Guide or our alternative guides to ritual for a little inspiration.
  • Arrive early to claim your spot and set up before guests arrive. Pro-tip: prepare some snacks + drinks for your guests. When they get there after a long drive, a long week, or a long day in the sun, they’ll feel especially grateful to be outdoors with you and ready to transition into the peaceful energy of Shabbat.

Dine Al Fresco!
Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy all of nature’s serenity.