Connect Jewish Tucson Launches for Older Adults
When Connect Jewish Tucson decided to expand into the older adult demographic, they used their AgeWell Day as a focal point and offered a couple of activities on the platform including sunrise hike.

When Connect Jewish Tucson put together its launch strategy  for older adults in the Southern Arizona Jewish community, they used their existing “AgeWell Day” as a focal point.

“We already had AgeWell Day, a day of activity, connection, and learning for adults sixty and older, in the works and recognized we’d have a captive audience to whom we could introduce the site,” said Amy Glass, VP of Strategy and Community Impact with Jewish Philanthropies of Southern Arizona. 

“We were worried about how this age group would react to the technology, so we put together some steps prior to AgeWell Day to help prepare them. The first step was letting them know that we would be introducing them to this great online tool for finding things to do at AgeWell Day. We also gave them a heads up that they would be getting a couple of invitations for events prior to the meeting.”

Next, Glass and the team created a couple of events, a sunrise hike and a movie showing followed by discussion, so that they were up on the website when they gave the presentation on the platform. The day before AgeWell Day, they sent everyone on the AgeWell Day reservation list a Connect Jewish Tucson invitation to each event. Some had already signed up before AgeWell Day started.

“We also prepared an easy to follow ‘how to’ guide as a handout that mirrored what was discussed in the presentation.” said Glass. “When asked for a show of hands about interest in using Connect Jewish Tucson, about a third of the group, which had a total of eighty-one participants, raised their hand and we got a couple of volunteers to be part of our Connect Jewish Tucson Advisory  Committee for Adults. In all, it was a great start for this demographic group.”


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