SignatureGATHERINGS For Every Person In Your Life
SignatureFD, a bank located in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC has been utilizing a Powered By OneTable platform since 2022 in order to engage their company’s employees through social events. Over the years, these events have increased in creativity and thoughtfulness, resulting in something for everyone!

For the Brunch Bunch:
Annual Post Tax Season Breakfast
Hosted by Jen
You know what time is? Yes, it’s tax time and I know you are busy but we are very close to the finish line or at least about to come up for some fresh air. What if that fresh air smelled like a delicious waffle and a funny paper hat? Waffle House is coming back for a post-season breakfast in the cafe. The office will smell like waffles a little bit longer than you could have ever thought possible…. but that first sniff is magical and makes it worth it.

For the One Who Won’t Stop Talking About Their Workout Routine:
2024 Murph Challenge
Hosted by Tim and Tyler
Up for a challenge? Tyler and I had planned to do a “Murph” together and decided to open it up to anyone who might be interested. It’s a very challenging workout that originated with a fallen Navy Seal, Michael Murphy, often completed as a way to honor fallen heroes on or around Memorial Day. We’re planning this challenge for the Thursday prior to Memorial Day to accommodate those who may be taking a long weekend. Here’s what the Murph workout entails: A one mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, Another one-mile run. Our plan is to do the workout and then celebrate our efforts over some post-Murph refreshments.

For the Golfers:
SigFD Mini-Masters at Promenade National
Hosted by Jen and Ian
Esteemed patrons‚ do you feel it? Spring is in the air! It’s time to trade your basketball jersey in for a jacket. Prepare for a tradition unlike any other because we are thrilled to announce the 2024 SigFD Mini-Masters at Promenade National on April 12th. Join us for an afternoon of friendly competition as we transform our workplace into a mini-golf course inspired by the prestigious Master’s Tournament. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the game, everyone is welcome to participate and start practicing their swing, because the winner of the 2024 SigFD Mini-Masters at Promenade National receives the Mini-Green Jacket. We can’t wait to see you out on the “course.” Let’s make this tournament a hole-in-one!

For the Gamers:
SigF1 Racing – Mario Kart Tournament
Hosted by Eliza and Ashley
Get ready to rev your engines and drift around the corners because it’s time for SigF1 Racing, the SignatureFD Mario Kart Tournament! Join us for an adrenaline-fueled evening of friendly competition as we go head-to-head in the virtual world of Mario Kart. Feel free to bring a plus one for extra competition! Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a casual player, there’s excitement for everyone in this ultimate showdown. And when the final lap is crossed, the top two winners will claim bragging rights and CASH prizes!

For the Ones Who Love a Downward Dog:
Puppy Yoga & Yappy Hour at Atlanta Humane Society
Hosted by Jen
Yoga and puppies and drinks – OH MY! Let’s gather at the Atlanta Humane Society and be immediately joined by a pack of puppies! Now, for the hard part! We must somehow compose ourselves and stop squealing long enough to do some yoga with the puppies racing and snoozing all over the training room at AHS. I am guessing it will be the best (puppy time) and worst (actual) yoga class that any of us have attended. The cuteness, snuggles, and bliss of puppies will offset our appalling yoga skills. After we finish yoga we will have some refreshments in the training room with our new furry friends and some AHS team members. I know this will be a fun event with our fuzzy SignatureGIVING partner for 2024!

For the Explorers:
City Scavenger Hunt
Hosted by Keilah
Join me for a Midtown Scavenger Hunt hosted by Scavenger Hunt Atlanta. This will be a custom adventure filled with challenges, creative puzzles and photo missions. We will divide into teams and will compete for prizes and bragging rights so bring that SigFD competitive nature that I know we all have. The history,  the culture, the charm, the quirks and the people of Atlanta will be on full display as we venture through Midtown. We will meet at the end for prizes, snacks and drinks.

For the Sports Fanatics:
Hosted by Jen
What is this: Atlanta United FC versus Charlotte FC on May 13 in Atlanta! We are excited to see our two cities on the field to battle it out in a soccer match! Before the game we will meet at the Home Depot Backyard where we will enjoy a few complimentary drinks, BBQ, and fun before the game. We will head over to the stadium at game time and have seats at the match that are together as a group. This event is for our team and a guest of their choice!

For the Ones with Green Thumbs:
SigFD Gardeners Meetup and Seedling/Seed Exchange
Hosted by Lauren
As the ground starts to warm up for spring, let’s have a meet up with our fellow SignatureFD Gardeners! Bring your extra seeds and/or seedling starts to exchange with each other as we enjoy some light snacks and drinks. If you don’t start your own seeds, don’t despair!! There will be plenty of plants for everyone. There might even be some prizes for plant trivia 😉 All are welcome, even if you are a beginner gardener!

For the Ones Who Swear They’re Going to Switch to Decaf:
Coffee Talk with Dancing Goats!
Hosted by Jen
We love coffee in our office more than what is normal. Did you know that it is all lovingly roasted nearby at the Dancing Goats Roastery on the westside of town? We are going to see where our beans are roasted, learn about the process, taste a few, and have a bite of breakfast. Wait until you smell the roastery- it is FANTASTIC!

For the Ones Who Love the Holiday Spirit:
Desk Decorating Competition!
Hosted by Laura and Katie
Do you like holiday cheer? Do you like desks? Please join us in spreading some holiday desk cheer! Decorate your desk, your neighborhood of desks, or your whole office quadrant! It doesn’t need to be a competition, but let’s get real – it’s a competition. Prize and judges TBD. Deadline December 13th – and we all know the holiday season starts once Halloween is over, so it begins…NOW! Work Remotely? No problem! Video submissions via teams will allow us to share cheer across all locations near and far!

For Those Who Enjoy a Bit of Spice:
Just Winging It!
Hosted by Jen
Have you seen the show Hot Ones? It’s basically a show where famous people are made to try progressively hotter hot sauces. In between the ten scorching rounds, they are interviewed while they are literally hot and bothered. Well… we are not famous and interviews are boring so I am bringing a spin on this with our own version called ‘Just Wing It!’ and that is exactly what we are going to do! We WILL be trying progressively hotter hot sauces on CFA nugs and in between rounds we will wipe tears, play games and have enough adult beverage to distract your brain and extinguish the fire in your mouth! I will have plenty of snacks (including actual wings) to counteract the hot pepper vibes so come thirsty and brave!

For the History Buff:
National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Hosted by Eliza
Please join me for a “Lunch n’ Learn” trip to Downtown Atlanta. We’ll get lunch at a nearby restaurant, then go for a tour in the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. This is not going to be a lunch and learn about investments, but about the history of Atlanta and Civil Rights.

For Those Who Love a Puzzle:
SigFD Rubik’s Cube Showdown
Hosted by Laura
Come watch (or compete) as we compete to decide who is the FASTEST CUBER at SigFD! Participants will solve 3 cubes in a row, and the first to finish all three will be declared the winner and receive the commemorative trophy…which they will keep until next time, when they defend it!

For the Health Nuts:
SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! (In the AM? It’s Just Juice.)
Hosted by Jen
We are going to gather in the cafe and do morning grand slam shots together from Arden’s Garden! These four shots of nature will boost immunity and force a little trauma bonding with your teammates. What could be more fun than that? Together we will knock back a shot of wheatgrass, lemon juice, ginger juice, and cranberry juice! They start intense and then will make you feel great afterward.

For Those Who Love to Hike:
Let’s Walk Up a Mountain!
Hosted by Laura
We spend all day moving mountains for each other and our clients – let’s spend a little time going up a real mountain together instead! Please join me for a walk at one of my favorite spots in the area – Arabia Mountain. It’s a half mile gentle slope leading to a 360 view and a moon-like landscape. We’ll pause for lunch at the top – let me know your order in the question below! It’s a great way to disconnect, clear your head, and spend some time with smiling coworkers for a whole different kind of “lunch out.”


Interested in creating a similarly vibrant culture of community events? When you become a Powered By OneTable client, you will receive individual support in order to strategize dynamic launch events, implement best practices, and ultimately reach your engagement goals. Reach out to Rachel Zylberfink, Director of Powered By OneTable, to learn more.