It’s no coincidence that Hanukkah, or chag urim, the “festival of lights” in Hebrew, falls every year on or near the winter solstice. Most faiths that originated in the ancient Near East embedded within their calendars a practice to create warmth and light at the darkest time of the year. So tell the story, ask questions, eat, drink, and create light by welcoming others to your table.

We invite you to participate in Shine A Light Shabbat on Friday, December 8. Drawing inspiration from Hanukkah, gather your friends or community for a Shine A Light Shabbat to dispel the darkness and shine a light on antisemitism. Post your Shabbat dinner with the “Shine A Light” tag and use these resources to inspire your conversation.

To Light Up Your Night

The Shabbanukkah Guide

From background to #blessings, here’s your OneTable guide to holiday joy at the Shabbat dinner table.

More Shabbanukkah Resources


How to Shabbanukkah

The rundown on Shabbanukkah, from getting lit to gaming with the best.

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ALLLLLL the Latke Recipes

We curated the best of the best in the latke game, from tradish to turmeric.

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Turn up this playlist to help you light up your night this Shabbanukkah season.

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A Blazing Warmth in the Midst of Darkness

Candles are a classic when it comes to traditions that go way way back…but what’s the meaning behind them now?


Get In the Winter Spirit(s)

Mulled wine for Kiddush? Down. Bourbon spiked hot cocoa for dessert? Sign me up.

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How to Hygge Shabs

That the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting chillier, but OneTable has you covered — just think “hygge”.