Friday, November 17

Host a Shabbat Dinner + Educate Your Peers on Israel

The mission of Shabbat 25K is enabling people to experience the magic of Shabbat dinner while learning more about the current situation in Israel. In this difficult moment, it might seem like the problems are too big to solve, but every single one of us can make a difference. We need to proactively be part of the change by learning and engaging our peers. Together, we can build a grassroots movement of over 25,000 people across the country uniting for Israel and Jewish life. Join us.

Sign up below to receive a digital copy of the custom-made Shabbat 25K Hosting Guide! Plus, we’ll share the full recording from the Shabbat 25K Zoom briefing and the interview with Yossi Klein Halevi.

How to Become a Host

  • Sign Up Above: We’ll email you all of the details to finalize your OneTable account.
  • Attend a Briefing Session: Learn from leading educators and voices from the frontlines with the goal of preparing you to lead the discussion at your Shabbat table.
  • Invite Your Friends to Shabbat Dinner
  • Food + Shabbat Box: Hosts will receive Nourishment credits of $10/person based on the number of RSVPs through the OneTable platform and a complimentary Shabbat Box with challah, candles, and dessert. (Note: Nourishment credit only for ages 21-39.)
  • Lead Your Discussion with Our Shabbat Israel Toolkit: You’ll receive a guide for how to discuss current events in Israel, alongside important historical background information.

Email MJ at OneTable with any questions about your Shabbat 25K dinner.

Inspired by ancient Jewish wisdom, OneTable is a non-profit that empowers folks in the United States and Toronto (ages 21-39ish, not in undergraduate college) to find, share, and enjoy Shabbat dinners, making the most of their Friday nights. Our social dining platform makes it easy for you to create your own experiences and build your community.

Shabbat Resources

There are many ways to enjoy Friday night dinners and Shabbat rituals. Whatever your Friday night looks like, we have the resources you need. Flip through these guides, explore the OneTable Resource Library, and check out Together at the Table for more ideas and inspiration. You’ll also receive a specialized Israel Discussion Toolkit which will be available in the next few days.

OneTable Shabbat Dinner Guide Cover

OneTable Shabbat Dinner Guide

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