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How to Host a Sober Shabbat:

  • Apply to be a OneTable Host (Application Process is 10 days)
  • You’ll be introduced to your personal Shabbat Coach (your one-on-one support for OneTable)
  • Post your Dinner Online (by the Monday before your Shabbat dinner)
  • Designate in your dinner title or in your dinner description using ‘Sober Shabbat’ and for “alcohol policy’ select ‘Alcohol Free’.
  • Guests RSVP online.
  • Receive Nourishment Credits (a gift card that is emailed to you) from one of our partner vendors.
  • Download the Sober Shabbat Guide (and check out other resources).
  • Enjoy a meaningful Shabbat dinner.
  • Post-dinner feedback: you and your guests will be emailed a survey from JF&CS’ HAMSA Program after the dinner for grant funding purposes.

Pro Tips

  • Want to welcome new guests to your dinner table? Select the ‘Host Approval setting’ to allow guests you don’t know yet to view and RSVP to your dinner!
  • Want extra resources and support for your Sober Shabbat? Email awright@jfcsatl.org with the date of your Sober Shabbat dinner and she can share more personal support, guidance, and recovery discussion guides for your dinner experience.

35% of U.S. adults abstain from alcohol for one reason or another, and Jewish adults who are sober for any reason may choose to be in a space where the Friday night kiddush is specifically for the alcohol-free community. We believe that ending your week with intention and mindfulness is a grounding wellness ritual for all. It is important to know that a sober Shabbat is not a meeting, or meant to replace a recovery meeting.

Sober Shabbat Guide

HAMSA is JF&CS’ Jewish response to addiction. We provide recovery support and tools, to serve as the go-to resource for the Jewish community. We help people navigate the system of resources, ensure continuity of care for all levels of recovery, and provide excellent clinical support.
For more information call: 1-833-HAMSA-Helps