Vegan Shabbat

Just as Shabbat is an opportunity to pause from the work of creation and restore ourselves, plant-based living is a way to nourish ourselves and the world around us. Jewish tradition teaches us to care for our health, have compassion for animals, and protect our environment. OneTable invites you to bring those values to your table by hosting Vegan Shabbats.

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OneTable Resources

Check out our curated collection of resources created by OneTable team members, hosts and guests. From cooking tips to shopping lists to conversation guides, we’ve put together everything you need to dream up your plant-based Shabbat!

Hosting a Green Shabbat Dinner

Rest means cessation from work, leaving the world as it is without human intervention, since work means transforming what is given, what exists. On Shabbat, like God resting, we are invited to stop changing the world around us. Use these thought-starters from OneTable and the Green Sabbath Project to create your own Friday night rituals for welcoming rest at a Green Shabbat.

A bowl of salad with greens, root vegetables, and brussels sprouts

Nourishing All Your Guests

Hosting can be one of the most meaningful things we do to build our community, but sometimes it can be challenging if we don’t know what food to serve our guests. Check out this shopping list and menu for easy ways to nourish everyone at your table — gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian!

5 Ideas for a More Sustainable Shabbat Dinner

Mindful eating is an invitation to think critically and carefully about your food and where it comes from. Plus, it’s an important step toward building more sustainable communities. Check out these five ideas to make your next Shabbat dinner a sustainable one.

A group of friends are smiling and clinking glasses around a Shabbat dinner table

Blog Series: Plant Powered Shabbat

Hear from OneTable hosts and guests how they’re bringing vegan food and values to the Shabbat table!

A Year to Restore: Shmita 5782

Every seven days, we’re gifted the beautiful wellness ritual of Shabbat — a day to pause, relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. And, every seven years, we’re gifted Shmita — an entire “sabbatical” year where (biblically speaking) we are encouraged to let the agricultural land rest, and resolve any inequities that may have grown. Explore ways to restore ourselves and the earth this year.

A bowl of vegan macaroni + cheese

ChallahFame: Vegan Edition

Check out OneTable host and travel blogger Becca Siegel’s recipe for the ultimate vegan Shabbat comfort food!

Partner Resources

Two glowing Shabbat candles are lit on a wooden table, next to bottles of wine and grape juice

JewishVeg: Joyful, Healthy, and Delicious Plant-Filled Shabbat

Learn more from JewishVeg about the connections between veganism and Shabbat + get their vegan challah recipe booklet.

A plate of vegan mushroom tables is laid on a cutting board


DefaultVeg is a practice that motivates us to choose delicious food that’s better for us and the planet.

Author and chef Bryant Terry

UNCODE: Oakland Chef Bryant Terry Cooks with Afro Vegan Soul

From picking the ripest fruit at the market to fighting the power with your plate, food justice activist + chef Bryant Terry laces us with tons of food for thought.

A loaf of marzipan challah rests on a tray

12 Plant-Based Shabbat Recipes

OneGreenPlanet’s vegan twists on Shabbat dinner classics for all of your guests to enjoy!

Text reads "Food Before Pills." To the left of the text is a photo of cucumbers, a carrot, a bell pepper and other assorted fruits and vegetables. To the right, a photo of Dr. Monica Aggarwal is set over a bowl of grains and vegetables.

Exam Room: Food Before Pills

The ultimate vegan podcast from the Physicians Committee. Dr. Monica Aggarwal shares the heart-healthy benefits of plant-based eating.

Bunches of carrots and leeks

Vegan Starter Kit

Thinking of going vegan? Vegan Starter Kit has all tools and tips you need to get started!

Host Reflections

“Eating vegan or practicing Shabbat once a week are steps that feel sustainable toward slowing down. Choosing to do the best we can with whatever our means are: that is intentionality and mindfulness.” -Kobi

“Having an entirely plant-based meal gives me a sense of safety, just as Shabbat provides me a sense of safety. When these two are combined, there’s an even larger elevated sense of security and calm for me. I can imagine the world as it could be.” -Leigh

“Every choice you make shapes your lifestyle, and veganism is something you must choose to engage with multiple times per day. Shabbat is similar: it is a choice, that becomes a practice, that can change your lifestyle.” -Nicholas