Opening Your Table With Nourishment+
Extra Nourishment to Elevate Public Shabbat Dinners

Are you interested in hosting a Public or Public – Host Approval dinner for 15+ people and want a little extra help beyond the usual $100 USD/$130 CAD in Nourishment? We’ve got you.

At OneTable, every Friday night is special. With Nourishment+, you can elevate your Shabbat dinner experience for you and your guests even further. This model is designed to give you extra financial support to take your hosting to the next level. Nourishment+ is available to OneTable hosts twice per month maximum, and hosts can apply for up to $300 USD/$390 CAD in Nourishment credit (at $10 USD/$13 CAD per person) for each Nourishment+ dinner. Whether you’re hosting 15 or 30 people, this is an intentional way to think bigger when it comes to Shabbat dinner.

Please note: You must submit a separate application for each Nourishment+ dinner.

Important Info: Read Before Applying
What are the eligibility requirements for Nourishment+?
  1. You must already be an approved OneTable host and have hosted at least one dinner on the OneTable platform. If you’re not a OneTable host yet, please complete our quick Host Application.
  2. The Nourishment+ application must be for a specific public dinner (either “Public” or “Public – Host Approval”). This opportunity is not for private dinners.
  3. There must be 15+ guests in attendance at your dinner.
  4. Your dinner must meet at least one of the following goals:
  • At least 25% of people at the table are new to OneTable.
  • You are gathering around a specific theme or intention.
  • You are intentionally trying out new rituals or exploring them in new ways.

If your dinner meets all of these requirements, please continue on and fill out a Nourishment+ application.

How far in advance of my dinner do I need to apply?

Your Nourishment+ application should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the dinner so that we can get you fully set up with everything you need to have a seamless experience. Dinners must be posted by the Tuesday before your dinner. Contact your local Field Manager if your Shabbat is coming up sooner, and we’ll do our best to support you and your dinner.


What are the steps to participate?
  1. Complete the Nourishment+ application.
    • Your application will be reviewed within three business days. We will reach out to you if we have any follow-up questions or if we determine that your dinner isn’t eligible for Nourishment+. If your application is approved, we’ll send you an email agreement based on the details of your gathering.
  2. Post your dinner on the OneTable platform.
    • Dinner must be “Public” or “Public – Host Approval.”
    • Must have 15+ guests.
    • The dinner description must articulate the vibe of the event, what guests can expect (a loose or specific schedule of the evening), accessibility notes, and any other information that might help someone know what to expect when they attend your Shabbat.
    • Select your Nourishment and get your RSVPs in according to the normal deadlines. *Note: at this time, you will not be able to allocate more than $100 USD of Nourishment to your dinner via the OneTable platform. You can disregard this, and know that we will Nourish you up to $300 USD ($10 USD per person) based on how many RSVPs you have at 11:59pm on Wednesday before your dinner.
  3. Most importantly, celebrate: enjoy your elevated OneTable Shabbat dinner!
If I receive Nourishment+, what do I need to do after my dinner?

By the Wednesday following your dinner (five days after), each host must send a short paragraph to their Field Manager summarizing their Nourishment+ dinner and how the night went. If you took photos or videos, please send those too. Photos and videos are not required as it is not in everyone’s Shabbat practice, but each host must send a summary of their elevated Shabbat dinner.


Hey Leah, Shabbat Under the Stars was fantastic! A group of us rented a campsite at the Indiana Dunes State Park, made dinner over the camp stove, and brought some fun desserts that were camp-friendly. It was so amazing to get away from the city and have the chance to really unplug and be in nature. I don’t know if I will do another “destination Shabbat” as it takes more prep time to make it all work, but this was a great experience. I’m so glad people were hyped about the idea and agreed to get outside with me too!  Two of my friends had never heard about OneTable before, and I think they are going to apply to host.

How often can I apply for Nourishment+?

You can apply for Nourishment+ a maximum of twice a month. If you are submitting for a second Nourishment+ dinner in the same month, the dinners should be primarily reaching different groups of people.

I am interested, but I still have more questions. Who can I speak with?

Your Field Manager is here to help! Find your Field Manager’s contact info here or email, and we’ll connect you with the right person.