OneTable Passover 2020

For many, the idea of celebrating Passover virtually, or with only your housemates, is anathema to everything the Seder represents: performance, participation, peoplehood. Don’t these things require an IRL experience?

This year, the answer is no. Meaning can be made virtually and in small groups with the right intention and the right tools.

If you’re celebrating solo, with your parter or roomies, or in a virtual space, your dinner needs to be posted by Wednesday, April 1st at midnight, and you’ll be Nourished based on the number of guests you have signed up through OneTable by Friday, April 3rd for any of the three possible dinner dates — 4/8, 4/9 (the first two nights of Passover), or 4/10 (Shabbat).

Raise your glass and tell your story. We’ve pulled together easy ways to make your Seder or Passover Shabbat a night to truly savor.

OneTable Resources

Shabbat Alone, Together

Physical social distancing is hard – but we’re following the current health authority advice and it’s what we need to do. We’ve been working to create as many resources as possible to help you gather virtually and build online community.

The Seder 2020 Guide

This is not a Haggadah, but rather a real time supplement that offers introductions — poetry, lyrics, mindful reflections — to be read aloud before each section of the Seder.

The Solo Seder Guide

Our Seder 2020 guide, adapted to help you find meaning while celebrating Passover on your own. It offers first person introductions, along with poetry, lyrics, and mindful reflections.

Passover Preface

Whether this is your first Seder or your thirtieth, beginning with intention matters. And what better way to begin than by naming the values that make Jewish ritual meaningful and magical in our modern lives.

The Passover Recipe Guide

Whether you reach for dates or apples, chraime or gefilte fish, rice or matzah balls, here are some recipes from our community and partners to cook up for your Seder + Shabbat!

A Passover Shabbat

This guide is an invitation to infuse your Shabbat with the magic and mystery of Passover. With light, wine, and matzah, we honor where we have come from, share where we are, and imagine a better future.

The Playlist

From Walking Like an Egyptian to Red Red Wine, this playlist is all about telling The Story of Tonight. #nochallahnoproblem

Four Questions for Your Shabbat Table

On Passover there are four questions, usually asked by the youngest child. Here are four questions for your Shabbat table – make the millennial who doesn’t remember Rugrats ask them.

Passover Inspo

Everything from matzo brei to veggies and seder plates to play plagues, our Pinterest has you covered.

Digital Haggadot

Haggadah (plural: haggadot) will guide you through the Seder on the first (and second) night of Passover.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 16.37.58
Repair Logo
Unorthodox Passover
Reboot Logo
At The Well Passover
HIAS Haggadah
JDC Entwine Logo
Other Side of the Sea Haggadah
Keshet Queer Haggadot
Untitled design (30)
The Santori (3)

Haggadot as Nourishment

If you prefer physical Haggadot, you can purchase some of our favorites with part of your Nourishment credit! Check out the options below. Note: Please check ship times before selecting, as Amazon orders may backed up right now. 


Tablet Magazine, The Passover Haggadah: An Ancient Story for Modern Times
Who this is for: Passover but make it 2020


Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky, Welcome to the Seder: A Passover Haggadah for Everyone 
Who this is for: First time seder hosts or 100th time seder hosts


Ellen Bernstein, The Promise of the Land: A Passover Haggadah
Who this is for: Telling the traditional Passover story, remembering our connection to the earth

More Than 4 Questions

How does hosting a Seder-Shabbat with OneTable work?

If you are not already a OneTable Shabbat dinner host, sign up here. (Applications take up to 10 days to process.)

Once you are a host, you can post your dinner here. (Private dinners are for just you and your friends, choose “Host Approval” to let new people request a seat, or “Open” if you’re hosting publicly – anyone can RSVP to an Open dinner.)

OneTable Shabbat dinners are at least 5 people (including the host), and are for hosts not in undergraduate between 21-39ish. Individuals under 21 cannot be present at OneTable dinners.

When does my dinner need to be posted?

Seders & Shabbats for the week of April 6th must be posted on the site by Wednesday, April 1st at 11:59pm local time. For Shabbat dinners on April 17th, the posting deadline is April 10th.

What is Nourishment?

It’s a resource OneTable is able to offer to those hosts who need a little extra help to elevate their dinners. It is not meant to cover the full cost of the dinner. It comes in the form of digital gift cards. Our options are businesses that give us discounts on their services. If you do not need this assistance, you can choose to “pay it forward” and it will help another host bring more Shabbat into their life!

Private dinners are eligible for $10/seat, up to $100. Host Approval and Open dinners are eligible for $15/seat, up to $150.

When do I need to choose my nourishment?

We encourage you to choose your nourishment ASAP.

For dinners on 4/8-4/10, you will only be nourished for the number of guests you have signed up by Wednesday, April 1st at 11:59pm local time. For dinners on April 17th, you will only be nourished for the number of guests you have signed up by April 10th at 11:59pm local time.

Can I host more than once this Passover?

Only one Seder is eligible per host for nourishment in all cities. You are welcome to post dinners for both nights, but only the first one you post will be eligible for nourishment assistance.

In all cities but NYC, you can host and be nourished for other Shabbat dinners this month as well!

Can I have my parents/kids/non-Jewish friends at my table?

All people present must be over the age of 21.

OneTable is uber-inclusive. At OneTable, we want you to spend Friday night with the people who YOU want to spend your Friday night with (and in this case only, Friday or Saturday night) – guests of any and all religions and cultures are welcome.

What does OneTable require to make it a Seder or Shabbat?

We want you to find the right ritual fit for you and your guests. We encourage you to check out the above resources and check-in with your Field Manager. Set the intention that makes you want to elevate your dinner for your guests.

More questions?

Check out our full FAQ here, and/or get in touch with your Field Manager.