Take a PAUSE with OneTable

Watch along as creators mix ritual with innovation, asking and answering the questions: What do we do with the things we inherit? What can we gain from taking a PAUSE? How might we imagine the world not as it is, but as it could be?

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Based in Jewish tradition, Shabbat — and its teaching that spending meaningful time connecting with friends and family — is for everyone. Much like yoga or meditation can be, Shabbat is an act of peaceful rebellion against a constantly moving world.

This is your invitation to spark the magic of Friday night Shabbat this week!

This episode is an ode to the gifts that theatre and live performances have given both to craftspeople and to their audiences. As Broadway and other forms of our communal life reemerge after the pandemic, we celebrate the joy of being together.

We offer you this “Sabbath Prayer” for our collective safe return.

Special thanks to Broadway.com and Reboot.

There is immense power and potential when we gather with delicious food and inspiring community at the Shabbat dinner table. Together with Jewish Food Society, we’re sharing Shabbat breads from around the world and highlighting dabo, kubaneh, and challah. We invite you to explore the journeys of the bites that tell histories.

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Special thanks to Eyal Resh.

We sat down with some of our favorite folks across industries to talk about the idea of habitually unplugging from our weekly grind and from technology to give ourselves space to truly be present. Say it with us: rest. is. good. We give you the permission to unplug and invite you to fill your Shabbat with joy. You’ll be better for it.

Produced by Adam Kantor and Tiffany Shlain and Sawyer Steele of Let it Ripple.

There’s just something about endless nights spent laughing, singing, and chatting with your people. You know, the people who make time seem to stop and, when they leave, it feels like they were there for a blink of an eye. The folks who sit in silence with you, make you cry from belly laughing, who show up in hard times. This is what chosen family feels like. This is where you belong.

Produced by Adam Kantor and Charly Jaffe. Special thanks to hosts Liz Alpern and Shira Kline.

Take the Pause You Need draws on wisdom from the animal kingdom and features a spoken word love note written for those who may want to re-emerge slowly. The poem is by award-winning poet Charly Jaffe, set to illustrations by Heather Schieder, and music by Broadway’s Andrew Resnick. Visit our mental health resource page for more information and download the poem by Charly.

Produced by Adam Kantor and Charly Jaffe. Special thanks to video editors Nathan Colby and Nicolas Mackall.

“Next Year,” an original song by Shaina Taub, Benj Pasek, Mark Sonnenblick, and Hannah Friedman, premiered during 2020’s Saturday Night Seder. Now, after a year of pausing and reflecting in our homes amid countless hardships, losses, and lessons learned, we sing “Next Year” again, with the hope that although it won’t be easy, things will get better.

Produced by Jen Snow and Adam Kantor with Eric Kuhn. OneTable extends a special thank you to Shaina Taub.

On your mark. Get set. Pause. Then, go. Athletes of all talents and skills rely on a mind-body connection to create stillness before an explosion of strength. It’s the breath before you bend your knees and lunge forward. The centering before the free-throw. The beat before the beat drops. The pause before the pursuit.

Produced by Charly Jaffe & Adam Kantor. Special Thanks to Shakina Nayfack.

From candlelit dinner to sensory rituals, Shabbat is all about heightening joy and pleasure. Yep, you heard it here first: Shabbat is SEXY. Taking a pause to focus on pleasure on Shabbat is a BIG YES in Judaism — so why is it so rarely talked about openly with our elders? We asked three friends to sit down with their grandparents and explore intimacy, relationships, sexuality, and Shabbat

Produced by Charly Jaffe & Adam Kantor.

Beanie Feldstein. Tan France. Shoshana Bean. Ari Shapiro. Roxane Gay. Adam Chanler-Berat. Shakina Nayfack. Tiffany Shlain. Mike Solomonov. Rabbi Sandra Lawson. Debbie Millman. V (formerly Eve Ensler).

Need we say more? These voices are helping us take a breath. Relax and pause with familiar faces and friendly reminders to roll back your shoulders and exhale.

Produced by Adam Kantor, Eric Kuhn, Tiffany Shlain & Sawyer Steele.

Three Comedians and a Rabbi Log Onto Zoom starring the comedic voices of Jackie Tohn, Ben Gleib, and Alex Edelman, alongside Rabbi Sharon Brous. Shabbat is our pause, our moment in the market square — 25 hours to welcome light and levity even, and especially, when the world gives us weight.

Produced by Adam Kantor with Gesundheit Media and Eric Kuhn.

Daniel J. Watts spoken word artistry juxtaposed with Kelly Hall-Tompkins’ violin mastery intertwines modernity and tradition, all the while wrestling with what can come from pressing pause before we press play again. No matter who you are or where you stand, let’s take a collective moment to exhale — to take a break, reckon with this moment in time, celebrate our gains, and mourn our losses.

Produced by Adam Kantor with Gesundheit Media and Eric Kuhn.

“I don’t really have an active Shabbat practice and am often pleasantly delighted when I even remember it’s Shabbat — so there’s a resistance to using candlesticks, because there’s an emotional distance from their traditional use. I wanted to showcase the fragility of that resistance, remembering that I can totally own my flamboyant identity and add over-the-top decorations to invite the ritual of Shabbat in a way that feels more like the moment of pause I need in my week — and the Shabbat table I want to show up for.” — Jesse Kovarsky

Produced by Adam Kantor with Gesundheit Media and Eric Kuhn.