Pride Shabbat

Every Friday in June 2023

Use the word "pride" in your Shabbat dinner title or description this June + receive a discount code to MINNA Home Goods!

We want to embrace radically welcoming ourselves and others to show up as authentic individuals for Pride 2023. At OneTable, we know that when people can gather from a place of authenticity, conversations and connections feel deeper and more real. And, that brings even more joy + elevation to our Friday nights!

We invite you, the OneTable queer and ally community, to host Pride Shabbats all throughout June. Together, we can ensure that each person has the power and support to share themselves in a way that is present and holy for them.

Become a host, post a Pride Shabbat dinner, and use these resources to inspire you and your guests.

Pride Shabbat Resources

The cover of OneTable's Queer Shabbat guide. Text reads Queer Shabbat, A OneTable Guide


Co-created with Eli Gale & Ren Weinstock, this guide brings together the experiences of queerness + Judaism through Shabbat ritual.

The cover of OneTable's Pride Shabbat guide. Text reads Pride Shabbat Guide: OneTable + JQ.


Use this guide to rest, feel, and celebrate one of the queer community’s greatest strengths — resilience.

The cover of OneTable x Lesbian Bar Project's Shabbat Dinner Guide. Background is a white brick wall. Text on top reads The Lesbian Bar Project & OneTable Present. Below is a black circle with pink text reading The Shabbat Dinner Guide. Background is a white brick wall.


The Lesbian Bar Project aims to celebrate, support, and preserve the remaining Lesbian Bars in the US.

OneTable's Pride Shabbat playlist


Play these songs to get everyone in the mood to talk about history, justice, and celebration.

Text reading You Are Welcome above two nametags reading Hello I'm Naomi, They/Them and Hello I'm Lizzy, She/They


Feature this welcome sign alongside name tags for guests to check out as they enter the space!

The word BINGO is written in bright lights


We created this Pride BINGO card to help you +  your guests spark conversation and get to know one another.

Sliced rainbow challah

Taste the Rainbow: 10 Rainbow Recipes

Rainbow recipes to brighten your Friday + take your Pride Shabbat to the next level!

Two people are holding hands in front of a Pride flag

Embodying Pride Shabbat

Infuse meaning through movement + action into your Pride Shabbat.

Table Talk with Pride

Simply sharing names + pronouns can be enough to start the conversation, but how do we keep it going? Use these table topics to set intentions + and build deep connections.

A shot from OneTable's video PAUSE Episode 9: PAUSE for Chosen Family. Two people are standing at a table with challah and lit candles.

PAUSE for Chosen Family

Take a pause to celebrate your chosen family, and nourish the relationships that uplift + affirm you.

A graphic of a microphone and text reading Songs and Sounds of Shabbat - Bonus Episode Featuring Batya Levine is set on a rainbow backdrop

Songs and Sounds of Shabbat

Singer-songwriter Batya Levine shares her inspiring journey of finding community as a queer Jewish woman + artist.

Three phones open to the JQY app


Get support resources + connect with the global Jewish queer community.

What’s Jewish about Pride?

Pride Month, which celebrates the impact of the LGBTQ+ community on the world, takes place in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots of June 1969. We also know that the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and LGBTQ+ Movements are intertwined. Marsha P. Johnson, Stormé DeLarverie, Miss Major, and many other Black and brown transgender and LGBTQ+ people led the front line of the Stonewall riots, advocating for gay rights and an end to violent police misconduct. We are proud to be a part of the queer Jewish community’s Shabbat experience and the continued fight for freedom.

For as long as there have been Jews, there have been queer Jews. We see Jewish explorations of gender as early as the Talmud, which describes six different genders in detail. In modern history, Jews and queer people have often found themselves fighting side by side for civil rights against brutal oppression. From Emma Goldman to Harvey Milk to Leslie Feinberg, LGBTQ+ Jewish writers, artists, and activists have shaped the landscape of queer liberation.

Why Celebrate with Shabbat dinner?

Radical Hospitality, or Hachnasat Orchim in Hebrew, is an inherent part of the Shabbat dinner experience. Rooted in the foundational texts of Judaism, welcoming guests and being a guest are expressions of radical hospitality that honor the essential value in every human being (kavod ha’briot) and create opportunities for connection in the modern world.

While the queer community and allies are still fighting for the right to be fully welcomed and celebrated in showing up authentically by society, we can create spaces where people don’t have to check parts of themselves at the door. Taking a moment to connect with others at a Shabbat dinner and pause from the week are essential for self- and community-care. This is a key step toward how we can all thrive in our fullness!

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