Table Talk with Pride!

Written by: Naomi Davis
June 2023

Table Talk with Pride!

It’s Friday night! You’re setting the table, checking in with guests, and preparing the menu for Shabbat dinner. Even though Shabbat happens every Friday evening, this one feels a little different. The atmosphere is extra celebratory and a lot more colorful, and the room is brimming with radical acceptance. It must be Pride Shabbat!

Sometimes, it can be hard to be vulnerable in a new group of people. Simply asking someone their name and pronouns (or even better, sharing yours!) can be enough to start the conversation, but how do we keep it going? How, during Pride Shabbat, do we set intentions and have deeper conversations?

At every OneTable Shabbat, we try to bring intentionality to the table. Tonight, the focus is on celebrating and elevating the LGBTQ+ community.

Table Topics

As we light the candles and take time to bring awe and wonder to the expressions and experiences of our dear queer friends and loved ones, perhaps we can go a little deeper with these fun table topics curated by members of your Field Team at OneTable:

Paired Sharing

Maybe it’s harder to share with a large group of people. Prompt folks to turn to someone next to them, introduce their name, etc, and share:

  • What does it feel like to be in an LGBTQ+ space?
  • When do you feel like you are your most authentic self? (ex: where are you, who are you with, what makes you feel comfy to do so?)

Identify Rituals 

Sharing an insight, teaching, or feeling about gendered blessings or rituals can open the door for a guided and meaningful discussion on the topic amongst guests. You can pose a question to everyone, such as: How do you or do you not relate to gendered ritual? What rituals in your life — Shabbat or other — feel restrictive? What makes ritual feel expansive? Incorporate poems or blessings from our ritual guides.


Try out this very vulnerable icebreaker for any group as a way to celebrate people owning their identities and having an opportunity to think about how far they’ve come over the years: What would you tell your 5-year-old, 10-year-old, 18-year-old self? Really leaning into some positive affirmations and smashing those negative/limiting beliefs many of us had growing up while trying to understand our identity, sexuality, etc.

Keep It Simple

What would be your drag queen name and why?

Talk About Altars

Have a conversation about altar-making (bonus: even make a communal altar)! Then discuss: What do the symbols that we have in our Shabbat rituals mean to us, and what are symbols you might link to your Queer identity?

Who Inspires You?

Who are Queer people from our past (personally, historically, or role models) that inspire you – how can we bring them into this space?

These conversation topics were put together by OneTable Field Managers. Now, it’s your turn! Try out any of these or create your own way to Pride Shabbat – we can’t wait to see your dinner descriptions! Post a Pride Shabbat for any Friday this June or year-round.