Repairing the World.

Shabbat is about imagining a better world, and considering the actions we need to take to make that world a reality.

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Solidarity Shabbat

Whether Friday night is a time to engage in powerful conversation, or a time to take a break from the work of change-making, this is just the one of many ways we can amplify Black voices at our tables and prepare ourselves for the work — and the world — to come. With gratitude to the voices in this collection, we also thank April Baskin for helping us curate these resources. The pursuit of justice is ongoing, and OneTable is committed to doing the work necessary for true equity in our society. We will continue to share words, art, and reflections, highlighting actions we can all take as we seek to create a better world.

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Civic Engagement Around The Shabbat Table

OneTable is non-partisan, but pro-conversation, and if it’s your thing, we think that a great place to start is at the table. To see what’s possible and what isn’t when it comes to Shabbat with OneTable and dinners tied to politics, we got ya.

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The Moth: "I Knew You Were Black" by Carol Daniel

A young man approaches Carol Daniel, a radio host based in St. Louis, on the street and says “I knew you were black!” The comment makes her think about her voice, what she says and how she says it, and how to challenge everyday assumptions that can be dangerous if not checked. As her story evolves, Daniel realizes that there are opportunities to look at the injustices around us and say “this is a movement moment.” How might we take those opportunities? What is your movement moment?
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Jewish Perspectives on Racial Injustice

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, OneTable partnered with Repair the World to provide resources and options that allow you to choose how best to frame the conversation around your dinner table.