Shabbat Resources

The OneTable Shabbat Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
This guide is about finding yourself in Shabbat. We offer readings and blessings, a combination of tradition and innovation to inspire you.
Wherever You Friday: Ritual Cards
Written by: the OneTable Team
Summer 2023
Download these ritual cards to take Shabbat with you, wherever you go.
Why Shabbat? Why Now?
Written by: OneTable Team
March 2024
After October 7, the world has needed Shabbat more than ever. Use this resource to deepen your Shabbat experience.
Shabbat 25K
Written by: Unpacked
November 2023
Processing and discussing current events in Israel can be challenging. These resources are designed to foster an environment where everyone feels seen and heard.
Friday Night Ritual: Wine Resources
Created by: OneTable Team
Find out how OneTable hosts sanctify wine and adapt the ritual to meet their needs.
Affinity Shabbat Guidebook
Written by: OneTable Team
Affinity Shabbats are a powerful way to build community + create intentional spaces.
Passover Recipes Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
Delicious recipes from our community + partners to cook up this Passover.
Passover Shabbat Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
Infuse your Shabbat with the magic and mystery of Passover.
Passover Seder Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
Use this guide to lead your own meaningful Passover Seder.
Solo Shabbat Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
Whether you are celebrating on your own, virtually with others online, or in person, we hope these resources connect you to the experience of Shabbat in a way that is new and — perhaps surprisingly — sacred.
Camp OneTable Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
A Shabbat guide with a side of summer camp spirit.
Tzedakah Shabbat Guide
Written by: OneTable x Amplifier
The idea of tzedakah is intrinsically linked to the practice of Shabbat, stopping on the seventh day.
Death Over [Shabbat] Dinner Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
The Shabbat dinner table is an ideal place for conversations about death, an invitation to use the end of the creation cycle and the end of the week as a setting to embrace the end of life.
Sober Shabbat Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
Every week Shabbat dinner offers a chance to take a break and be fully present. May we know peace even if we stumble, and may we find the light even amid the darkness.
Queer Shabbat Guide
In partnership with Eli Gale & Ren Weinstock
This resource was created to help create intentional spaces for both queerness and Jewishness to come together over the rituals of Shabbat.
Mizrahi Heritage Shabbat Guide
Written by: OneTable x JIMENA
Use this supplement to plan, frame, and cook for a special meal elevating the cultures and traditions of Middle Eastern + North African Jewish communities.
Together at the Table Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
Shabbat dinner is an opportunity to be in community, learn from and with one another, and begin to heal from the ills of antisemitism.
Guide to Respectful Conversations
Written by: Repair the World
The first step to eliminating racism and inequality is to talk about it openly and honestly, which you’re about to do.
Solidarity Shabbat Guide
Written by: OneTable Team
Shabbat is about imagining a better world, and considering the actions we need to take to make that world a reality.
A Mindful Shabbat
Written by: OneTable Team
OneTable complement to the ritual guide.
Pride Shabbat Guide
Written by: OneTable & JQ International
A Pride Shabbat guide centered on the Jewish value of V’ahavta L’reacha Kamocha: love your neighbor as yourself.