6 Different Ways to Celebrate Friday Night Outside

Written by: Michele Grossman

August 1, 2015

6 Different Ways to Celebrate Friday Night Outside

Are you looking for a way to shake things up at your Friday night dinner table? The weather is gorgeous, and the sun is out longer, so take things outside for a change of scene! Here are six different ideas for how to dine in the great outdoors.

1. Picnic in a public park. With summer in the air, there are many more hours of daylight to take advantage of. Ask your guests to bring picnic blankets, and if it aligns with your Friday night practices, make sure that you have some extra electric candles on hand when the sun starts to set.

2. Grill Poolside for your Friday night dinner. You probably know someone with a pool, whether it’s that friend who lives in a great building, or the couple who moved to the ‘burbs. The warmer months are a great time to collaborate to make use of those amenities and have an intimate poolside Friday night dinner. This portable grill is a neat little tool that you can have hamburgers anywhere. Some menu ideas: tomato-watermelon salad and boozy popsicles.

3. Get on the roof. Bring everything up to the roof: tables, chairs, wine, challah, and don’t forget to stargaze when the sun goes down. Alternatively, if you live in a house rather than an apartment building, a sloped roof may not permit dining up top, but the structure of your house could still allow you and your guests to get away after dinner for some relaxing Friday night sky-watching. But remember – safety first!

4. Beach it up and have a picnic with a twist. Whether you set out for the pebbly shores of Lake Michigan, or for the sands of Rockaway Beach, bring out your picnic blankets, and bathing suits for a different kind of picnic. Build a sand castle and use it as a display for Friday night candles to really set the mood.

5. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant that has outdoor seating. Give yourself a break from cooking this Friday night! There a ton of solid patio options in NYC and Chicago – and the establishment may throw in a few extra perks if you’re booking with a larger group!

6. Have dinner under a bridge. Yes, I know it sounds a little crazy but Brooklyn Bridge Park is beautiful. Take the ferry down the river for a scenic route to dinner, and set up near the carousel. Bring take-out, or some sandwiches, and don’t forget to get a cone at the Brooklyn Bridge Ice Cream Factory!