Picnic Like a Pro

Written by: OneTable Team

Picnic Like a Pro

If you’re anything like us, being indoors just doesn’t feel right when the sun is shining.

We have two words for you: Shabbat. Picnic.

Whether it’s in your backyard or at a local park, OneTable’s here to support you and your picnic needs. Get lost in our special “OneBlanket” picnic board on Pinterest for inspiration.

Already inspired? Apply to host or post your next Shabbat picnic now.

Step 1: Picnic Blanket
Select Etsy as your Nourishment option to get yourself a beautiful, timeless picnic blanket. Here are two of our favorites. Check out the Etsy shops where we found these gems.
Step 2: Portable Bites
Picnics can be tricky. The food must be able to travel and there’s typically no place to reheat it. Simple summer salads that will survive no matter how far you’re venturing. Get yummy picnic recipes below.
Step 3: Drinks
Instead of schlepping a heavy bottle of wine, why not try making some of these awesome mason jar cocktails together?
Step 4: Desserts, Duh
Never trust anyone who says they are too full for dessert. Try these fun dessert kebabs that are sure to be a crowd pleaser. They’re easy to pack and serve, or assemble on the spot.
Step 5: Chill Out and Nosh Away
Here are some tips to make your Shabbat picnic ritual-friendly:

• Electric tea lights make beautiful “candles” and you can get inexpensive lanterns to kick it up a notch.
• You can make kiddush (the blessing over wine or grape juice) using plastic wine glasses.
• Use a twister mat as your “table” and have a built in game.