Camp Activities for Friday Night

Annie Prusky
July 2023

Camp Activities for Friday Night

Camp is all about letting loose, being yourself, and enjoying the moment. As adults, immersed in our lives (and feeling extra immersed these days), planning an evening of low-stakes fun can be the perfect way to transition from the work week to the weekend. Here are some of our favorite camp activities, translated to Friday nights.

Sing-a-long Shabbat

One of the best parts of camp is the singalong. Whether around the fire, sitting by the lake, or on your back, looking up at the stars, there’s something magical about knowing all the words to a classic and letting it all loose. Bring some camp magic to your Friday night by rocking out with our Camp OneTable Singalong Playlist while you cook, or host an outdoor dinner with your friends where you can all star in camp karaoke!

Portable Table Tennis

Whether you’ve had a stressful work week and are looking to destress or you’re pumping some fun competition into your Friday night, this retractable table tennis set should be your new go-to. Enjoy the beachy vibes inside, outside, or even across the dinner table—but maybe have your wine in plastic glasses.

Arts & Crafts

From embroidery to origami to modeling clay, there’s something therapeutic about getting creative and not worrying about whether it turns out perfectly. Of course, a camp favorite is tie-dye — and it’s super cheap, too! Maybe your household deserves matching Summer 2020 tees, or maybe you’re creating a summer vibes tablecloth or challah cover… or maybe you’re just seeing what’ll happen if your kitchen rags are rainbow. Check out our Friday night crafting tips and let your colors shine!

Bubble Blasters

Seriously, there’s nothing to make you laugh like a little kid than playing with bubbles. This is a perfect activity for getting moving during dinner in your backyard or in the park. You can stay six feet away from your friends, masks on (no soap in your mouth!) and still enjoy tagging them with iridescent joy. (Also available as Nourishment via CVS.)

Board, Card & Yard Games

We never really age out of the drama of winning and losing or out of needing more practice in sportsmanship. So after dinner, clear the dishes, pour some festive drinks, and deal the cards. You can play something mature, like poker, or throw it back to sitting cross-legged on the cabin floor with something like President, B.S., or even Go Fish. Take it tabletop with a board game classic, or think big and play socially distanced capture the flag all over your neighborhood! The sky (and six feet of separation) is the limit!

Whether you’re Shabbating with roommates, friends, or new guests, we hope these ideas help spark the Camp OneTable spirit at your dinner table.