Queer Shabbat Guide

In partnership with Eli Gale & Ren Weinstock

Queer Shabbat Guide

“Then I discovered there were groups of lesbian and gay Jews reweaving the various threads of our identities. The possibility of integration- of being whole- was a revelation to me.”

— Twice Blessed: On Being Lesbian or Gay and Jewish

As two queer Jews, one of us identifying as a lesbian and one of us identifying as nonbinary, we have often experienced tension in our relationships with queerness and Judaism. When we began exploring the intersections of these identities and weaving them together, we found ease and joy.

Though this is our experience, it doesn’t have to be yours, and we invite you to bring your truth to the table. Our intention, or kavanah in Hebrew, is to cultivate rest in the body and mind, by integrating experiences of queerness and Judaism through the ritual of Shabbat.

We hope to pay tribute to the LGBTOIA2+ Jews that have come before us and honor their work of excavating the queerness in our Jewish lineage.

This resource showcases some of the many ways in which queerness and the rituals of Shabbat intersect, and we hope you continue to explore these themes as they feel authentic to you.

Whether you’re queer, questioning, or an ally – we wrote this for you.

Shabbat Shalom,
Eli (she/her) & Ren (they/them)