Tune Into Shabbat: Song Tu[tori]als

Created by: Tori Greene

Tune Into Shabbat: Song Tu[tori]als

Music has the incredible power to transport us through time, shift our emotions, and change a space’s ambiance. You might rock out to your favorite playlist on Spotify, pick up an instrument you’ve been playing for years, or maybe one you’ve finally found time to learn.

As a song leader, I often use music to set the tone for Shabbat. An upbeat tune when I want people to feel elated, a softer, more folky tune when creating a feeling of relaxation. Some with words, many without. I’m excited to teach you how to play songs that you can use to transition your week!

Tune Into Shabbat
Tori Teaches Lecha Dodi Lincoln's Niggun by Joey Weisenberg
Tori Teaches La'Yehudim by Noam Katz
Tori Teaches Let's Be Still by The Head and The Heart